Eclipse Won't Affect Operations, Xcel Energy SaysXcel says it is planning for Monday's solar eclipse the same way it does for a storm or cloud cover.
Resources For Viewing The Total Solar EclipseNot since 1970 have so many Americans had the chance to see a total solar eclipse.
What The August Eclipse Will Look Like In MinnesotaA total solar eclipse is slated to occur later this summer, but no one standing in Minnesota or Wisconsin will be able to see it.
When To See Sunday's Super MoonGet ready for the second and final total lunar eclipse this year. The show starts Sunday night at about 8:07 p.m., when the shadow of the earth will start covering the moon. Totality -- or total moon cover -- will occur from 9:11 p.m. to about 10:23 p.m.
Sky Gazers Rejoice In Partial EclipseA partial solar eclipse has a whole lot of folks excited. "I think that we're going to get some really great views of the sun," said Dave Falkner of the Minnesota Astronomical Society. "There's a huge sun spot group to go along with the eclipse, and it's just really exciting."
Partial Solar Eclipse Visible In Minnesota ThursdayA number of astronomy buffs are preparing for Thursday's partial solar eclipse, which will be the final one of the year. The moon will move in front of the sun from about 4:30 until 6 p.m. Thursday.
John Williams Video Smack Down For 11-14If you haven't seen the video of the 9 year old football star, click the link, watch the video and cast your vote, on the VIDEO SMACK DOWN!
Good Question: Why Can't We Look At The Sun During An Eclipse?When you’re told you could look at something that won’t happen again for 105 years, it makes you want to look. When all the people on TV tell you, “Don’t look,” it might make you want to look even more.