Election Night Is Just Two Days Away, Will You Be Voting?Sunday marks the start of a consequential week in the Twin Cities and voters will be looking at some major issues on their ballots.
Wisconsin Audit Finds Elections Are 'Safe And Secure'“Despite concerns with statewide elections procedures, this audit showed us that the election was largely safe and secure,” tweeted Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles, who co-chairs the Legislature's Audit Committee, which assigned the audit bureau to conduct the review.
Judge: Minneapolis Police Ballot Question Must Be RewrittenA judge has ruled that part of a ballot question that will soon be before Minneapolis voters on the future of the city’s police department must be rewritten.
Minnesota Senate Moves Forward Voter ID Bill, Unlikely To Pass In HouseRepublican Sen. Scott Newman, of Hutchinson, earlier this year framed his bill as being aimed more at increasing voter confidence in election results than at preventing voter fraud.
GOP-Backed Voter ID Bill Flares Minnesota's Election Law FightA post-election fight over whether Minnesota's election laws should be tightened or changed to make voting easier heated up Wednesday as a key Senate panel backed a Republican proposal to require people to present photo identification at the polls but allow those without valid cards to cast provisional ballots.
Drive-Thru Ballot Drop Off Begins Friday In MinneapolisDrive-thru ballot drop-off begins Friday in Minneapolis and will last up until next week’s primary.
Joe Biden Formally Clinches Democratic Presidential NominationJoe Biden formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Friday, setting him up for a bruising challenge to President Donald Trump that will play out against the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic, economic collapse and civil unrest.
Sweeping Federal Lawsuit Pushes For Changes In Wisconsin ElectionsAdvocates for people with disabilities and minority voters in Wisconsin filed a sweeping federal lawsuit Monday asking a judge to order that more poll workers be hired, every voter in the state receive an absentee ballot application and a host of other changes be made to ensure the August primary and November presidential election can be held safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Secretary Of State Steve Simon Proposes Bill To Expand Mail-In VotingSecretary of State Steve Simon hopes to take charge of how Minnesota runs elections in the COVID-19 era. 
How Do They Count Ballots In Elections? How Are Results Available So Fast?Each county has a slightly different method of counting, but there is a general flow. In most cases, the votes move from the precinct to the counties to the Secretary of State’s office.
Minnesota Prepares For Cyber Threats Ahead Of 2020 ElectionsThe stakes are high in the 2020 presidential race, not just for who’s on the ballot, but the ballot itself.