Minnesota Anglers, Gardeners Urged To Beware Of Invasive Jumping WormScientists are warning anglers and gardeners to beware of a slithering invasive creature that's gaining ground in Minnesota -- the jumping worm.
How Interest Rate Hikes May Impact The 'Very Hectic' Twin Cities Housing Market“It’s just that it went up so dramatically so quickly, and I think that caught us all off guard,” said mortgage banker Rick Fitzgerald.
Minnesota's Spring & Summer Celebrations Coming Back In Full Force“Of the people we surveyed, 89% of them who are Minnesota residents are saying we’re hitting the road,” said Explore Minnesota Tourism's Lauren Bennett McGinty.
What Would Overturning Roe V. Wade Mean For Minnesota And Surrounding States?In Minnesota, abortion would remain legal. That's also true for states such as Iowa and Nebraska. However, abortion would become illegal in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, due to individual laws in those states.
As COVID Cases Tick Up, Minneapolis Health Officials Recommend Masking IndoorsFollowing the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, health leaders in Minneapolis are recommending that everyone, including those who are vaccinated, wear masks when indoors.
'It Couldn't Come At A Better Time': Police Chief Search Continues Amid Damning Report On Minneapolis Police"I’m just so glad that the report came out before the search process got too far along," Sara Jones said. "This is all information that any police chief is gonna have to understand, absorb and be willing to take action on."
'How Old Is Too Old?': OBGYN Shares Her Fertility Struggles"I was 31 when we first started trying,” said Dr. Erin Stevens. “Initially I was excited, I was super happy. And then as time went on that happiness and excitement kind of goes away and it starts to become really scary.”
Northern Minnesota Winters Showing Dramatic Effects Of Climate ChangeThe season is part of the state's DNA. Blizzards and bone-chilling cold are just part of deal around here. But it's our winters that are changing the fastest.
High School Seniors Strive To Make Their St. Louis Park School More Sustainable“When someone tells you ‘no,’ and it’s going to happen, you don’t have to take that as ‘It will never happen,’” said Luca Dalsin. “You can find another way to do it.”
Warming Winters Up North Is 'Signature Change' In Minnesota's Climate, Experts SayMinnesota is known for its winters, but the northern part of the state is home to some of the fastest-changing winter conditions in the country.
As Good Friday, Passover, Ramadan Celebrations Converge, Communities Gather To ReflectOne weekend, three major holidays: Good Friday, Passover, and ongoing Ramadan celebrations all converge. It's time for all communities to gather again.