Small Businesses In Excelsior See Boost In Sales Amid Winter Warm-UpAs temperatures go up, so does business in Minnesota.
'We Love It': Pond Hockey, Ice Castles Organizers Pumped For Plummeting TempsThursday's frigid temperatures were just right for a few groups preparing for weekend events that will bring out thousands of spectators from around the metro.
'Go Back To Where You Came From': Muslim DoorDash Driver Says He Was Attacked By Customer Near Lake MinnetonkaA DoorDash delivery man says he was punched and told to go back to his country after making a Sunday morning delivery to a home near Lake Minnetonka.
Moms-To-Be Making Bee Line To Excelsior For 'The Labor Inducer' BurgerA popular burger at The Suburban restaurant in Excelsior isn't just a craving for many of the customers ordering it -- it's a last effort.
Police Chase Leads To 'Suspicious' Convertible Ending Up In Lake Minnetonka Authorities in the southwest metro say a convertible ended up in Lake Minnetonka Thursday night following a brief police chase.
Excelsior Ice Castles To Close March 9Winter enthusiasts only have two more weekends to see Excelsior's Ice Castles, as the display will close for the season March 9.
It’s Officially Too Cold For Excelsior's Ice CastlesIt turns out it’s even too cold for ice castles in Minnesota.
Perfect Ice For 2019 North American Pond Hockey Championship In Excelsior700 skaters begin pairing off this weekend to win their divisions in the 2019 North American Pond Hockey Championship in Excelsior
Excelsior Ice Castles To Open SaturdayThe annual showcase of ice castles will open Saturday in Excelsior.
Excitement Builds Over Excelsior Ice CastleIce on Lake Minnetonka this time of year is normal. But ice -- soon to be in the form of a crystal castle -- is a new and welcomed site even in its early stages.
Ice Castles Attraction Moving to Excelsior This WinterThough the Ice Castles winter attraction has been built in Stillwater for the past two years, officials announced a move to Excelsior due to continued construction on the Stillwater Lift Bridge.