Minneapolis Wins The Bronze For America's Fittest CitySt. Paul ranked in the top 10 as well, coming in behind Washington, D.C. to place seventh overall.
Exercise Just As Likely To Boost Happiness As MoneyThe study found that people who are physically active are just as happy as people who don't exercise but earn $25,000 more per year.
Is Diet Or Exercise More Important To Keeping The Weight Off?Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus studied people who were consistently able to maintain their weight.
Before You Sign A Gym Contract, Know What You're Going To Pay ForJanuary is a popular month to sign up for gym memberships, and according to research done by fitness app Strava, it’s also a popular month to let go of resolution-type ambitions.
St. Paul's Top 4 Best Workout SpotsLooking for the best fitness options near you? Here are the best spots to venture next time you're looking for a good workout.
Research: Even 10 Minutes Of Exercise Can Improve MoodThe study also showed it didn't matter what type of exercise you choose to do.
Woman, 98, Works Out At Gym For Those With Heart Disease RiskThree times a week you'll find Loretta Jensen working out at a gym for people who have a high risk of heart disease.
Study: Listening To Music Makes Workouts More EnjoyableResearchers say people listening to music while exercising had the potential to increase beta waves in the brain.
Study: Exercising With Others Ups Perceived Quality Of LifeAre you a solitary exerciser? You might not be getting the full bang for your buck, or your time or your sweat.
Exercise A Lot? You Could Be At Risk For RhabdomyolysisSome people are heading to emergency rooms because they've pushed themselves too hard during workouts.
Good Question: Should We Eat Before Or After Working Out?Some think eating right before exercising is key. For others, waiting until after seems more beneficial.