Researchers Say 'Awe Walks' Can Significantly Boost Your Emotional HealthThe researchers say "awe walks" helped people to have more positive emotions and have less distress in their daily lives.
Why Is Minnesota's Fall Color Explosion Happening So Early This Year?Minnesota's trees are extra stressed this season -- which is a good thing for impatient fall color enthusiasts.
Parts Of Minnesota Seeing Slow Start To The Fall Colors SeasonThis time last year part of the state had already seen 50-75% color change, but up north it is a different story. 
Fall Colors Slowly Popping In Parts Of Northern MinnesotaTrees are already starting to change color a bit in Minnesota -- and we've got the resources you need to track the magic.
Parts Of Minnesota Already Seeing Start Of Fall Colors SeasonTrees in Lake of the Woods and Roseau counties are already at 10% to 25% on the fall colors scale. The northern edge of the state typically sees its peak colors from mid to late September.
How Do Leaves Know When It's Time To Change Colors?Experts at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources predict a beautiful display of fall colors across most of Minnesota.
This May Be The Ideal Weekend To Take In Fall ColorsThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that major portions of the state are at peak or very close to peak.
DNR: Peak Fall Colors Are Fast ApproachingFiery reds, vivid yellows and blazing orange leaves are beginning to reach peak color.
Why Are The Leaves Changing Colors So Early In The Twin Cities?Summer is not officially over just yet, but leaves are starting to change colors -- and the change is starting somewhere you might not expect.
Only 1 Minnesota State Park Is Still At Peak For Fall ColorFall colors are pretty much past peak across all of Minnesota. That is, expect for a tiny area near Winona.
Fall Colors At Or Near Peak In The Twin CitiesFollowing a frosty and windy weekend, fall colors in the Twin Cities are past or near peak.