Alfalfa, Hay Farmers Still Struggling After Cold, Wet SpringAlfalfa is used for feed and bedding for dairy cows. Without a good crop, dairy farmers will likely have to pay more to feed their cows.
Wis. Farmers Say Wet Spring, Summer Rain Pushing Back HarvestFarmers in Wisconsin say a wet spring and summer rain is pushing back their harvest timelines.
Soggy Fields Leave Midwestern Farmers With Few Good AnswersSince Bob Worth started farming in 1970, this is the first year he's opted not to plant on most of his 2,300 acres near the southwestern Minnesota community of Lake Benton. It was a difficult choice, but one Worth said he felt obligated to make given the ducks that are swimming where his corn and soybeans should be growing.
Planting Woes Continue For Farmers Amid Wet Minnesota SpringOnly 35 percent of the state's soybean crop has been planted, eight days behind last year and a full two weeks behind the five-year average.
USDA: Corn Behind Schedule For Minnesota Crop FarmersThe USDA says only 56% of Minnesota's corn was planted-- and 10 days behind the five-year average. This compares to the five-year average of planting 83% of the corn.
Concerns April Snow Will Set Minnesota Farmers BackWestern Minnesota saw some of the worst of this snow storm. In Montevideo, residents once again woke up to falling snow.
Report: Minnesota Farm Income Continues To DropA report finds Minnesota farm income continues to drop and hit a new low last year.
Minnesota Keeps June 20 Cutoff For Using Weed Killer DicambaMinnesota is maintaining its June 20 cutoff date for farmers to use the herbicide dicamba, which has been blamed for drifting and damaging neighboring soybean fields.
Reality Check: Where Minnesota’s Emergency Farm Bailout Money WentOnly a fraction of a $12 billion federal bailout program to help farmers hurt by trade tariffs has made it to Minnesota. The United States Department of Agriculture reports it has disbursed $1.4 billion in emergency farm aid so far through November 26--- out of the total $12 billion it promised.
Fall Harvest Winds Down With Wintry Minnesota BlastWinter cold and scattered precipitation resulted in only 3.5 days suitable for fieldwork in Minnesota last week.
Survey: Farmland Prices Expected To Drop In Minnesota, 9 Other StatesA new survey says farmland prices are expected to continue their decline in parts of 10 Plains and Western states. The latest Rural Mainstreet survey shows that on average, bank CEOs in the region estimated farmland prices declined by 4 percent over the past 12 months. They expect farmland prices to fall by another 3.2 percent over the next 12 months.
Minnesota Farmers Concerned About Wet Weather, HarvestRainy weather has put the Minnesota harvest behind schedule, making for a nerve-wracking fall for the state's farmers.
Could Robots Be The Farmers Of The Future?Brandon Alexander would like to introduce you to Angus, the farmer of the future. He's heavyset, weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds, not to mention a bit slow. But he's strong enough to hoist 800-pound pallets of maturing vegetables and can move them from place to place on his own.
Small, Organic Dairy Farmers Vow To Compete In Changing IndustrySmall family operated dairy farms with cows freely grazing on verdant pastures are going out business as large confined animal operations with thousands of animals lined up in assembly-line fashion are expanding into the organic market.
Video Of Abuse At Pig Farm Also Highlights Common PracticesRecently released undercover video showing pigs being kicked, hit and punched at a Kentucky supplier for the world's largest meat producer drew prompt condemnation from animal rights groups and the agricultural industry alike.