Government Shutdown Impacting FDA InspectionsIn the past year, everything from romaine lettuce to cereal has been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. But now, there are new food concerns in light of the partial government shutdown.
FDA Approves New Device Used To Detect ConcussionsA new way to detect concussions has been given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration. It's called the "EyeBox" and it was developed by a Twin Cities neurosurgeon.
FDA Proposes Ban On Menthol Cigarettes, New Restrictions On Flavored E-CigsIn a landmark move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed a plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in the United States. The agency also announced Thursday that it will impose new restrictions on the sales of flavored e-cigarettes in retail stores.
WCCO Special Report: Grain-Free Dog Food Could Contribute To Heart DiseaseUniversity of Minnesota researchers want to know if a trendy type of dog food could be to blame for a potentially deadly problem.
Police Cite Hmong Village Vendors After Reports Of Misbranding MedicationsSt. Paul police have cited several vendors at the Hmong Village for allegedly distributing misbranded medications.
Blood Pressure Drug Recalled For Possible Life-Threatening Label ErrorA potentially life-threatening label mix-up has led to a nationwide recall of a high blood pressure medication, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
King Bio Expands Recall To All Water-Based Meds For Kids And AdultsIn a statement on the company's website on Aug. 27, King Bio announced that over 50 products were being voluntarily recalled over concerns of "water-purity issues."
32 Children’s Medicines Recalled For Potential 'Microbial Contamination'King Bio is voluntarily recalling 32 children's medicines because of potential "microbial contamination," the company said in a statement on Wednesday.
FDA Extends Some EpiPen Expiration DatesThe FDA is extending expiration dates on EpiPens because of a nationwide shortage.
First Generic EpiPen Gets FDA ApprovalTeva Pharmaceuticals gained approval to market the new generic drug, according to an announcement from the FDA on Thursday.
CVS Nasal Spray Recalled Due To Microbiological ContaminationA brand of nasal mist is being voluntarily recalled due to a microbiological contamination, which could be life-threatening in some cases.
Feed Produced In Minnesota Responsible For Horse DeathsThe FDA found the feed to contain monensin, an animal drug highly toxic to horses, even at low levels.
FDA Approves Treatment For Period Pain Faced By 200 Million WomenThe FDA has just approved a new treatment for a condition that feels like "tiny people skating on razor blades in your stomach," according to millions of women.
'An Almond Doesn’t Lactate': FDA To Crack Down On Soy, Almond 'Milk'The Food and Drug Administration has a message for soy and almond milk drinkers: you're not drinking milk and your bottle labels may change very soon.
Minnesota Farm Must Stop Interstate Sales Of Medicated MeatA federal court has ordered the owners of a Minnesota farm to stop distributing adulterated meat in interstate commerce.