General Mills Giving Employees 18-20 Weeks Of Maternity LeaveOn Jan. 1, 2019, the company will increase time off for new mothers to up to 20 weeks of maternity leave with 100 percent pay.
General Mills Expands Employee Benefits, Includes 18-20 Weeks Of Maternity LeaveGeneral Mills announced Wednesday the expansion of its parental leave policy for its employees, which includes 18-20 weeks of maternity leave.
General Mills Drops 'Natural' Label From Granola Bars After LawsuitAs part of a settlement, General Mills will be altering the label of its Nature Valley granola bars.
General Mills Alters Name Of Granola Bars After LawsuitIn the middle of the box, it says the Nature Valley bars are made with "100% natural whole grain oats."
As Cereal Habits Change, Food Manufacturers AdaptThe breakfast industry has, in general, become much more diverse, offering healthier, portable options such as Greek yogurt or protein bars.
General Mills' Yoplait Launches Response To Greek Yogurt CrazeGeneral Mills-owned Yoplait USA was a once-powerhouse yogurt company, but has spent the past two years trying to recover from the Greek yogurt disruption.
Nike Unveils 3 New General Mills Cereal-Inspired ShoesAll three shoes will be available starting Saturday on Nike's Snkr app for $120 a pair. There's no word on if they stay crunchy in milk.
Hey, Where Did All The Wheaties Go?It is hard to miss that iconic orange box known as the “Breakfast of Champions," but those boxes are missing from many stores,
General Mills Battling Food Waste With New AppThe General Mills Foundation donated $1 million to Feeding America for the development of a technology platform called "Meal Connect."
General Mills' Shares Drop As Company Deals With Rising CostsGeneral Mills' fiscal third-quarter results were mixed as the company dealt with rising freight and commodity costs. The maker of Cheerios cereal, Yoplait yogurt and other packaged foods also lowered its full-year adjusted earnings outlook.
General Mills To Create South Dakota's Largest Organic FarmGeneral Mills announced a deal Tuesday to create South Dakota's largest organic crop farm as the company works to secure enough organic ingredients to meet growing consumer demand worldwide.