Good Questions: Fruit Flies, Absentee Ballots & Nickels Vs. DimesHeather Brown is answering several good questions from viewers.
Good Questions: State Fair EditionMore than 1.1 million guests have already visited the fair this summer, and their trips raised a lot of Good Questions.
Good Questions: Mattress Tags, Storm Sirens & LakesWhy is it illegal to remove a tag from a mattress? And what's the criteria for a body of water to be consider a "lake"? Good Questions.
Good Questions: 4th Of July EditionWho is Uncle Sam? And how do fireworks get their colors? Good Questions.
Good Questions: Earth, American Flags & Wrinkly HandsIt's Friday night, so that means we're answering a few of your Good Questions that we couldn't get to this week.
Good Questions: Street Sweeping, Mirrors & Daylight SavingEach Friday, Heather Brown answers some of our viewers' burning questions that we didn't have a chance to get to during the week. This week, she learns about street sweeping, "objects in mirrors," and the dreaded daylight saving time.
Good Questions: Water Bottles, Postal Trucks, & E-FilingEvery Friday, Heather Brown takes a look at some of the best Good Questions submitted by viewers the previous week. This Friday, she's looking at filing fees on taxes, the size of water bottles and USPS trucks on Sunday.
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Good Questions: Fountain Money, Car Seats & MoreEvery Friday, Heather Brown looks at some of your Good Questions that didn't get turned into a full segment. This week, she's looking into the language of pilots, the shelf life of car seats, and the fate of all those pennies you've tossed into the Mall of America's fountains.
Good Questions: Warming Up The Car, Wind Chill & State Of The UnionEach Friday, we answer some of our viewers' burning questions. This week, John Lauritsen finds the best way to warm up your car in the winter, some unfamiliar faces at the State of the Union address, and how meteorologists measure wind chill.
Good Questions: Powerball FAQEvery Friday, Heather Brown takes a look at some of the burning questions that our viewers have sent. This week, we’re looking at a few questions on this week's historic Powerball lottery jackpot of $700 million.