Minn. Supreme Court Hears Argument On Budget BattleDayton line-item vetoed their funding to force top Republicans to rework major tax breaks and other measures he signed into law earlier this year.
Trooper Vehicle In Gov. Dayton Motorcade Involved In CrashA Minnesota State Patrol vehicle that was part of Gov. Mark Dayton's security detail was involved in a crash that sent a man to a hospital with noncritical injuries.
Reality Check: The Budget Impasse & Legislative LayoffsHundreds of Minnesota Legislative staffers face layoffs if Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican House and Senate leaders cannot resolve a budget impasse.
In Response To Dayton's Veto, Watchdog Pushes For Lawmaker Pay HikeA government watchdog group went to court Monday to ensure lawmakers get paid even if the legislative funding ends.
Minnesota Joins State Alliance To Uphold Paris Accord Minnesota has joined to a newly-formed coalition of U.S. states dedicated to upholding the Paris Climate Accord and combating climate change.
A Look At The Messy Politics At The CapitolLooking for an explanation for why, after finishing a budget, the Minnesota Legislature is still in shambles? One answer is on a single piece of paper signed in the waning moments of the legislative session.
'Terrible For Our State': Dayton On Pulling Out Of Paris Accord President Donald Trump is facing fierce opposition for ending the nation's participation in the Paris Climate Accord.
On Tour, Republicans Call Special Session 'Historic, Productive'Gov. Mark Dayton says he will decide Tuesday whether to sign or veto the budget bills he got from the legislature last week.
Lawmakers Working To Reach Last-Minute Budget DealMinnesota lawmakers are racing against the clock to pass a $45 billion dollar, two-year state budget.
Talking Points: Will Lawmakers Pass A Budget Before The Deadline?A week from Monday is the deadline for the Minnesota Legislature to complete all its business, including passing a two-year budget bill for the state.
Talking Points: Will There Be A Special Session? Government Shutdown?Three weeks from Monday, May 22, is the deadline for the Minnesota Legislature to adjourn. But so far there is no agreement on the state’s budget for the next two years and that means the likelihood of a possible special session and even a state government shutdown this summer.
Lawmakers Gearing Up For Turbulent End To SessionThe 2017 legislative session is winding down, and top Democrats are warning that it could come to a wild end at the State Capitol.
DEED: Minn. Surpasses 2.5M Private Sector Jobs For The 1st TimeMinnesota state officials say there are now a record number of private sector jobs – surpassing 2.5 million for the first time in the state’s history.
Gov. Dayton: Pipeline Replacement Will Be VetoedDemocratic Gov. Mark Dayton says he would veto a bill allowing a Canadian energy company to bypass Minnesota regulators and build a replacement for an aging pipeline.
Dayton: There May Be Compromise On Real IDDemocratic Gov. Mark Dayton has signaled a possible compromise on Real ID after saying he doesn't believe he can allow immigrants living in the country illegally to obtain driver's licenses without legislative approval.