Feds' Advice To Furloughed Workers: Try Bartering For RentThe Office of Personnel Management on Thursday provided sample letters that furloughed workers can send to their landlords in case they can't make their rent payments.
Federal Government Shutdown Is Hours AwayThe federal government will partially shut down Friday at midnight if the House and Senate don't pass a spending bill.
How Often Do Government Shutdowns Happen?“Think about it. It the government totally shut down, the military would get laid off, the prisons would open up, Grandma wouldn’t get her Social Security check,” said Hamline University Professor David Schultz.
Senate Approves Stopgap Spending Measure To Avoid ShutdownThe Senate late Wednesday approved a stopgap spending measure that will keep the government open until February without President Trump's requested $5 billion for a border wall. Mr. Trump has recently said he would be "proud" to shut down the government to get funding for the border wall.
Trump Willing To Shut Down Government Over Border SecurityRepublicans, trying to protect their majority in Congress, are playing down the chance of a shutdown as the November election nears. Trump, however, isn't backing away from the idea.
Congress Passes Budget Deal, Gov’t Re-Opens With Trump SignatureFor the second time in three weeks, our federal government has shut down and then re-opened again.
Federal Workers Worrying About Another Looming ShutdownThe swift steps ending a messy and expensive government shutdown has enabled hundreds of thousands of federal workers to return to work Tuesday, but some say they fear they could find themselves in limbo again in a few more weeks.
A Look At The US Parks Open, Closed Amid Government ShutdownVisitors could still ride snowmobiles and ski into Yellowstone National Park Saturday to marvel at the geysers and buffalo herds, despite the federal government shutdown.
How Does Government Shutdown Affect Minnesota?On the one-year anniversary of President Trump's inauguration, the government is shutting down.
Government Shutdown Starts On Trump's Inaugural AnniversaryAmericans awoke Saturday to learn that bickering politicians in Washington had failed to keep their government in business.
How A Federal Government Shutdown Will Affect MinnesotaIt's beginning to look like a federal government shutdown is more and more likely, and it could have dramatic effects in Minnesota.
Minnesota Legislature Files Suit Against Gov. DaytonThe governor's shutdown threat could mean the largest mass layoff in Minnesota since 2015.
Lawmakers Have Just A Week To Resolve The Budget BattleJust a week to go until the end of the Minnesota legislative session, and yet there’s still no agreement on a budget to fund state government.
No Budget Deal In Sight As Legislative Deadline ApproachesMinnesota's Republican Legislature is sending the remainder of its budget bills to Gov. Mark Dayton's desk. Then the real work begins.
Talking Points: Will Lawmakers Pass A Budget Before The Deadline?A week from Monday is the deadline for the Minnesota Legislature to complete all its business, including passing a two-year budget bill for the state.