Active Shooter Study Finds Semi-Automatic Rifles More DeadlyNew research shows active shooters with semi-automatic rifles wound and kill twice as many people as those using non-automatic weapons.
Rep. Erin Murphy Calls For Background Checks On All Gun SalesRep. Erin Murphy announced the steps she would take to curb gun violence if she's elected Minnesota's next governor.
Adrian Peterson Marches With Gun Violence ProtestersFormer Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson is trying to help stop gun violence.
Texas School Shooting Survivors Unsure Of The Next StepInstead of seeing a gun issue, they see "a heart issue." And heart issues, they say, are harder to fix than guns.
Gun Control Proponents Gather At Capitol As Season Nears EndMore than a hundred Minnesotans stood on the State Capitol steps Saturday demanding gun law reform.
Texas Shooting Spurs Supporters Of Minnesota Gun Law ChangesA group of mostly Democratic lawmakers have pushed for stricter rules including expanded background checks for gun buyers.
Eden Prairie Discusses Anti-Assault Weapon ResolutionEden Prairie’s city council is hoping to capture the attention of state lawmakers by passing an resolution to ban assault-style rifles.
Local Officials, Students Appear In Ads For Tighter Gun Control You may have noticed a new series of TV ads promoting tougher gun control measures in Minnesota. The ads feature Minnesota students, law enforcement officers, and a mother who owns a gun. They're trying to influence Minnesota lawmakers and voters.
As Legislative Deadline Looms, New TV Ads Promote Gun Control MeasuresWith less than two weeks to go in Minnesota's 2018 legislative session, there is a new push for gun control laws.
Gun Reform, Opioid Tax Bills Likely Not Going Anywhere This YearMinnesota lawmakers are headed home in two weeks, and some major pieces of legislation won't make it out of the session.
Gov. Dayton, Students Call For GOP-Led Gun ReformGov. Mark Dayton urged lawmakers to take action to reduce gun violence with what he calls “commonsense legislation” -- in a last-ditch effort before the session ends.
Dayton Urges Lawmakers To Pass Stand-Alone Gun Safety Bill"Minnesotans are still awaiting final legislative action on policies that would make our schools safer," Dayton said.
Patrol: 2K Gather At State Capitol For 'Second Amendment Rally'Guns rights advocates waving American flags and carrying signs opposing stricter gun control took their case to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol.
Effort For Gun Control Measures Appear To Fail In Minn. SenateAn effort to force votes on two gun control measures in the Minnesota senate appears to have failed.
Rep. Erin Maye Quade Hopes Gun Bill Sit-In Will Spark VoteA Minnesota lawmaker has finished a 24-hour sit-in at the State Capitol to protest lack of action on gun safety bills.