Minnesota Republicans Aiming To Loosen Gun LawsMinnesota gun owners may no longer need a permit to carry in public as Republican lawmakers seek to loosen state gun laws.
Gov. Dayton Isn't Counting On Big Changes To Gun LawsMinnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is downplaying the prospect for significant gun law changes in the wake of the latest mass shooting at an Oregon community college.
GOP Lawmakers Call To Arm More Military MembersA group of GOP legislators on Monday announced a bill in the works to exempt active duty members of the military and Minnesota's National Guard from the state's gun permitting process. The legislation is expected to be introduced next year.
Big Recommendations For Capitol Security, But No Gun BanMinnesota lawmakers are recommending far-reaching updates to State Capitol security, but they are stopping short of banning guns inside the Capitol and surrounding buildings. Minnesota is one of only 14 states to allow legal permit holders to carry guns inside the Capitol building. Permit holders are allowed to carry in the Capitol and surrounding buildings if they notify the State Department of Public Safety of their intention.
Gun Debate On Carrying At State Capitol Heats UpThe gun control debate is not only at the State Capitol Wednesday, it's about the State Capitol. A meeting about Capitol security started about late Wednesday morning in St. Paul, and a group of gun owners made a dramatic appearance.
Gov. Dayton: Zimmerman Case Stiffens Resolve On Gun Law Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday that the Florida case involving Trayvon Martin's death in a scuffle with a neighborhood watch volunteer has stiffened his opposition to efforts to expand cases where lethal force is presumed legitimate.
July 1 Means New Laws Go Into EffectIt's the first day of July, and that means new laws are taking effect in Minnesota. Several of them make changes to funding for state programs. Education funding gets a boost and will now include paying for all-day Kindergarten and a tuition freeze for state schools.
Mom Of Murdered Oakdale Boy Speaks Out On Gun LawsNine-year-old Devin Aryal loved soccer. His mother, Missy Aryal, wears the medals he won. "We were inseparable. He always told me that we were super glued unless we were working or at school. And nothing could ever break the super glue," Aryal said. But in February, Aryal and her son were shot on their drive home from daycare. She remembers hearing pops as she was about to turn at this intersection.
Reality Check: Minnesota Following Trend On Gun LawsThe Minnesota Legislature won't be voting on tougher gun laws after all.
Reality Check: The Difficulty Of Passing Gun RestrictionsA Minnesota House committee will vote Thursday night on a watered down version of a gun bill that includes background checks for gun show sales. It's far less than gun safety advocates had hoped, but the pull-back from tougher gun laws is not uncommon.
Minn. Lawmakers Switch To Alternate Gun Plan Fearing that broader restrictions on guns won't pass, top Minnesota lawmakers on Monday tacked toward new legislation that avoids expanding background checks as their best bet to tighten the state's gun laws.