ATF Technology Helps Connect Guns To Crime ScenesThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives runs a nationwide computer database that helps local police solve crimes. Entries quadrupled between 2019 and 2020. 
In Kenosha And Beyond, Guns Become More Common On US StreetsAcross much of the nation, it has become increasingly acceptable for Americans to walk the streets with firearms, either carried openly or legally concealed.
Hunting For Ammo: Supply Chain Issues Have Minnesotans Scrambling Ahead Of Deer OpenerThe DNR has already sold more than 220,000 deer-hunting licenses, but those hunters might have a hard time finding some of the supplies they need.
TSA Trying To Counter Troubling Trend Of Guns Found In Carry-On BagsAs travelers roll through TSA checkpoints at MSP Airport, an average of at least one per week this year has carried with them a prohibited item that puts passengers and staff at risk.
ATF Says Auto Sears Are Becoming More Common In Twin CitiesThe sound of automatic gunfire is becoming all too common in some Twin Cities neighborhoods.
Judge Rules Permit Holders Cannot Carry Guns At Minnesota State FairA Ramsey County judge has ruled that permit holders will not be allowed to carry handguns at the Minnesota State Fair this year.
Judge Promises Ruling On Guns Before Minnesota State Fair BeginsA judge on Thursday promised a quick ruling on whether people with permits to carry firearms can bring their guns into the Minnesota State Fair, which opens in one week.
How Feds Are Working To Crack Down On Crimes Committed With Illegal FirearmsAs the metro has seen an uptick in violent crime this summer, recently released Bureau of Criminal Apprehension statistics point to staggering numbers in 2020.
Wisconsin Republicans Seek To Shield State Gun OwnersFuture federal laws that would ban or restrict the use of guns could not be enforced in Wisconsin under a Republican-backed bill up for approval in the state Assembly Wednesday.
Where Minnesota Lawmakers Stand On Solutions For Gun ViolenceAfter the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, the question of how to stop such violence is once again part of the national conversation.
6-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Gunshot Wound After Unsupervised Children Find HandgunA 6-year-old boy died of a gunshot wound Sunday evening after he and several other children found a handgun in a Moorhead apartment.