4 In 5 Parents Admit To Sampling From Their Kids' Halloween Candy HaulsFurthermore, 31% of parents admit they plan to hide a stash of their favorite Halloween candy.
Minnesota's Favorite Halloween Candy Is Skittles, Survey FindsWe don't really know what trick-or-treating will look like this year, if it happens at all. But we do know you can still enjoy that Halloween candy.
CDC Releases COVID Halloween GuidelinesAs COVID-19 cases spike in states surrounding Minnesota, the CDC has released new guideline on how people should celebrate Halloween.
This Halloween, Watch One Of These 10 Scariest Movies EverMuch like comedy, horror is one of the most subjectively-received movie genres out there. Just as you can't really argue what people think is or isn't funny, it's difficult to convince anyone that they're not scared if they're squeezing the blood right out of your closest thigh.
Creepy Doll Exhibit Brings International Attention To Olmsted County's History CenterThe Olmsted County History Center in Rochester is getting people in the Halloween spirit -- while also making their skin crawl.
Chesapeake, Va. Has Banned Teens From Trick-Or-Treating For DecadesThey actually eased up a bit after the age limit went viral last year; the previous age limit was 12 and offenders were threatened with jail time.
Nearly Half Of Americans Believe In Ghosts & DemonsDespite their popularity in books and movies, only 13 percent think vampires are out there.
Pumpkin Crop Strong In Some Areas Despite Wet WeatherThe wet weather this spring and summer has affected many crops -- but it hasn't really impacted the orange gourds.
Good Question: Does Sugar Really Make Kids Hyper?At least 20 scientific studies over the years have shown no link between sugar and a child’s behavior.
Pumpkin Patch's Crops Harvested Just In TimeBarten Pumpkins in New Prague watched the weather and knew they needed to move before end of the weekend.
Chilly Weather Can't Scare Trick-Or-TreatersThe chilly October afternoon wasn't enough to scare off trick-or-treaters in the Twin Cities.