Minnesota Weather: Dead Fish Piling Up Along Lake Shores Amid Stretch Of Hot, Dry WeatherThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said there has been an increase in fish die-offs across the state due to this stretch of hot weather.
Heat-Related Illnesses Rise Due To Extreme TemperaturesAs a Registered Nurse and Death Investigator for the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office, Paula Johns is troubled after responding to five deaths in the north metro this week, where the heat was likely a factor.
Minnesota Weather: This Is The Hottest Start To June On Record In Twin CitiesIt's official: This is the hottest start of any June on record in the Twin Cities.
Metro Restaurants Closing During Heat Wave To Protect Kitchen StaffWith the heat wave, some indoor spaces simply can't stay cool -- and it’s keeping some professionals out of the kitchen.
Minneapolis Public Schools Bring Students Back For Last DayMinneapolis Public Schools will bring back students for the last day of classes Friday after moving some of its schools to distance learning earlier in the week due to excessive heat.
As Metro Cities Declare Water Emergencies, Experts Give Tips For Protecting Lawns And PlantsThis unusually hot weather is creating a large increase in demand for water. The city of Minnetrista has declared a water emergency.
Minnesota Weather: Temperatures Could Hit 100 Degrees On Day 8 Of Heat WaveThursday will mark Day 8 of an early June heat wave that's settled over Minnesota, and some communities could record their hottest temperatures yet.
Twin Cities Restaurants Closing Early Due To Excessive HeatWith temperatures in the Twin Cities climbing into the upper 90s Thursday, some local restaurants are closing early.
Demand Increases For AC Fixes & Installation In Heat Wave, But Materials Face ShortageThe surge in demand for AC to stay cool is being met with a supply shortage fueled by an encumbered supply chain in the pandemic. 
Xcel Energy Shares Tips For Staying Cool This Summer While Keeping Bills LowAs Minnesota experiences its seventh day inside a 90-degree heatwave, Excel Energy shares tips on how to stay comfortable in your home without breaking the bank.
Amid Heat Wave, Minnetrista Issues Watering BanThis early summer heat wave has forced a central Minnesota city to issue a watering ban.