Is There An Ideal Time To Water Our Lawns?We love our green lawns in Minnesota. According to a survey from the Metropolitan Council, more than 40 percent of people with sprinkler systems in the metro area water their lawns every other day.
What Are Our Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes?All too often, doctors see patients not use sun protection as effectively as they can.
Why Is It So Extremely Hot This Summer?The state climatology office can't predict what will happen in July and August but hot, early summers tend to be associated with the rest of the summer being above normal.
What Health Information Can Employers Require From Their Workers?As more workers head back to the office, some will have to share medical information with their employers. 
When Will The Pandemic End?With vaccination rates ticking up, and COVID-19 cases down, people are starting to ask: When will the pandemic end?
Why Are There So Many 'Helicopter Seeds' On the Ground This Season?You might call them whirligigs or helicopter seeds. They've been flying off our silver maple trees this spring.
Will Offices In The Twin Cities Ever Return To The Way They Were?A recent survey conducted by the Minneapolis Downtown Council found 80% of downtown companies are developing “future of work” plans with a hybrid/flexible plan as the most referenced.
Why Do We Get So Many Car Warranty Robocalls? How Can You Stop Them?Voice-over internet technology now makes it so easy for scammers to make thousands of calls per minute.
How Much Is A Mother's Work Worth?Heather Brown found a lot answers, but none of them is easy.
How Do Communities Decide Where To Plant Trees?Many Minnesota cities will host Arbor Day events, and encourage residents to plant alongside forestry crews.
How Do Flyovers Come Together?A home opener tradition had to be called off due to weather Thursday.
Why Are Fewer Americans Involved In Organized Religion?For the first time ever, a Gallup poll has found fewer than half of Americans say they belong to a house of worship, whether that be a synagogue, mosque or church. That's down more than 20 points from just 20 years ago.
Flashback: The 1st Intercollegiate Basketball Game Was Played At HamlineBack then, there were no three-pointers. Each bucket counted for a single point. Players weren't allowed to dribble, but rather just pivot and pass.
Will COVID Kill Cash?Customers use less cash at shops and restaurants every year. Buying online or paying with an app have also surged during the pandemic.
Where Are You Allowed To Fly Drones?A video by two Twin Cities cinematographers of a drone buzzing through Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis has gone viral worldwide.