Good Question: What Do The Amount Of COVID-19 Cases Really Tell Us?As of Tuesday morning, the state of Minnesota had 262 confirmed cases of COVID-19. So, what do these numbers tell us? And, what don’t they? Good Questions.
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Coronavirus In Minnesota: Can We Predict The State's COVID-19 Future?As of Thursday, Minnesota has 89 confirmed cases of COVID-19 – that’s just a small fraction of the more than 5200 confirmed cases in New York State. So, what does that mean for Minnesota? Good Question.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Why Experts Stress 'Flattening The Curve'Some might wonder if this will really help. Experts say yes, it helped in China, South Korea, and even during the 1918 flu outbreak.
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Good Question: How Does The Minnesota Department Of Health Investigate COVID-19?The first step is to contact the health care providers so they can call the patient. But also so a team of MDH investigators can figure out the exposure risk for any doctors, nurses or lab staff.
How Do They Conduct Tests In Minnesota For Coronavirus (COVID-19)?Once it’s determined a specific patient should be tested, the sample often arrives to the St. Paul laboratory via courier who is certified to handle biological samples.
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