How Do U Of M-Developed Apple Varieties Get Their Names?It's the season for visiting apple orchards or stopping by the grocery store to pick up one of the eighteen apple varieties started by the University of Minnesota.
How Much Debt Do We Have?As the student debt crisis has topped headlines, credit card debt has been inching up as well. According to the Northwestern Mutual 2019 Planning & Progress Study, a quarter of millennials say credit cards are their main source of debt. So, how much debt do we have? Good Question.
What Causes Gas Prices To Rise?Experts believe the weekend attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia could cause gas prices to jump 10 to 25 cents over the next few weeks.
Is The September Heat We're Feeling Normal?On Monday, the temperature hit 86 degrees. So, how common are September warm-ups? Good Question.
What Do We Know About Illnesses Linked To Vaping?Since mid-August, six people in the United States have died from a lung disease likely related to vaping, including one in Minnesota.
How Did Pumpkin Spice Become The Flavor Of Fall?It seems like everyone is selling something pumpkin spice these days.
Where Does All The Money From Traffic Tickets Go?Tickets and fines from speeding tickets, and the new hands-free and slowpoke laws, rack up tens of millions of dollars a year in Minnesota.
How Much Homework Is Too Much?The start of the school year means your kids may soon be groaning about homework again.
What Are The Road Rules For Driving Near School Buses?According to a Minnesota State Patrol school bus driver survey from April 2018, too many drivers don't stop when they're supposed to.
Good Question: Minnesota State Fair EditionSince the Great Minnesota Get-Together is in full swing, we're answering all your State Fair Good Questions.
How Do Rides Affect Our Bodies?Have you ever felt a little queasy after an intense ride at the fair? Perhaps you sense something's just a little bit off?
Is There An Ideal Bedtime For Kids?With just one week away from the start of school for most Minnesota students, parents are now adjusting times kids go to sleep.
Why Is Minnesota The Gopher State?Goldy is the mascot of the University of Minnesota. Fairchild the Gopher is the face of the Minnesota State Fair. And, since its inception, Minnesota has been known as the Gopher State.
Why Does Time Seem To Speed Up As We Get Older?For most Minnesota kids, school starts in about a week and half. For most parents, summer has just flown by.
How Do Self-Driving Cars Work?Three Twin Cities engineers just took off for a special kind of cross-country trip.