What Can The Numbers Tell Us About Choosing A Bracket?People can make March Madness bracket choices based on team colors, school mascots, CBS Sports analyst recommendations or whatever your dog decides to eat.
Why Are Ice Dams So Bad This Year? (And More Winter Good Questions)Our Minnesota weather certainly has plenty of us talking. On everything from ice dams, to migrating robins, to snowy tornadoes, Heather Brown has your answers.
Where Does Our Trash Go?In 2017, Minnesotans got rid of almost 6 million tons of waste. Organics make up about 11 percent of waste. Recycling makes up 1/3 and trash makes up 55 percent.
How Much Progress Have Women Made?Friday is International Women's Day. The theme is "balance for better, including gender equality in paychecks and the boardroom.
What Makes Minnesota The State Of Hockey?An event starts Wednesday that could only happen in Minnesota: High school kids sell out a professional hockey arena for their state championship tournament.
What's The Difference Between Urgent Care And The ER?A surprise trip to the emergency room can set any family back a lot of money. In fact, a new survey by the NHP Foundation found that the unexpected bill tops the list of financial fears for almost half of seniors who make $60,000 per year or less.
Woman Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring After Trip To FloridaLast year, MSP Airport says they received nearly 8,500 items at the lost and found department, and typically reunite about 40 percent of the items with their owners.
How Does Minnesota's First Family Make The Governor's Mansion Feel More Like Home?On Thursday afternoon, Gwen Walz was serving her great grandmother’s gingersnap cookies in the solarium at the governor’s residence. It was just a few hours before she and her husband would host thirty legislators and their partners in that room for evening reception.
How Did Twin Cities Skyway System Start?Lunchtime over 7th Street between the Northstar and Baker Centers is crowded with people taking midday walks, grabbing their lunch or trying to get across town.
What Is The Strategy Behind Snow Plowing?What is the strategy behind snow plowing? Good Question. WCCO went behind the scenes in St. Paul to find out.
Are There Good Alternatives To Salt For Snow And Ice? It's a difficult balance: keeping our roads and sidewalks clear of ice, while not harming our environment.
How Much Protein Do We Really Need?Many of the trendiest diets right now are all about protein, and food companies are paying attention.
How Do They Decide Who Serves Jury Duty?Last year, the state of Minnesota issued 190,000 summons for jury duty, which is about 4 percent of Minnesotans 18 or older.
Who Approves New Emojis?Greg Welch is with the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit group in California that comes up with the standards for all devices.
How Much Does A Presidential Run Cost?Between now and Election Day 2020, a candidate who makes it all the way will have to raise $500 million. That translates in about $1 million a day.