Who Are All The People On The Sidelines During Vikings Games?On Monday night, Minnesotans will see the Vikings go up against the Packers on CBS. As the camera cuts away to the overhead shots, viewers will see lots of people on the field during the game. That had Jake from Plymouth wanting to know: Who are all those people on the sidelines? Good Question.
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What Is Holiday Heart Syndrome? Good QuestionWith cookies, parties, heavy foods and alcohol, this time of year can have a big impact on our bodies. Throw in stress and little sleep and it can become more than some hearts can handle. So, what is Holiday Heart? And, what signs should we watch out for during the holiday season? Good Question.
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How Did Christmas Trees Come About, And Why Are They Decorated With Lights?It is estimated Americans will buy 30 million real trees this year -- but how did this tradition start?
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How Much Should You Have Saved For Retirement By Age 30, 40, 50?How much someone needs to stop working also depends on their streams of income, whether or not they've paid off their home, the rate of return they expect to earn, and other factors.