Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsIf you were hoping to get into this week's Sound Unseen showings of The Punk Singer at the Trylon, you're out of luck. All of the shows are now sold out, proving once again you have to be quick to get into some of those ever-popular S.U. screenings. Otherwise, here are the five best bets for local-and-limited screenings this week.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThanksgiving gives you the chance to reflect and reminisce. In that vein, here are four beloved movie options around town this week to ignite the warming bug of nostalgia ... and one unforgettable turkey.
Finding Minnesota: Heights Theatre Features Old-Time CharmBefore a movie starts, you'll see ads on the screen and previews of coming attractions, but it's an old-time attraction drawing customers to one Twin Cities theater.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsAs summer starts to enter its final stretch, it's probably time to consider kissing endless weeks of disposable entertainment adieu in favor of more substantial cinematic offerings.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsIt's going to be a good weekend at Landmark Theaters for movie-goers who specifically seek out movies that tie into current events. Here is a list of some of the other limited release screenings you'll want to check out this week.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsIt's Pride Week in the Twin Cities, and LGBT themes pop up in at least a few of the next seven days' worth of recommended screenings. Here are your best bets for the week.
Best Summer Movie Events In MinnesotaCheck out these interesting alternatives in Minnesota to the usual summer blockbuster movies.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThe hits just keep coming. Upstream Color is being brought back for an encore run at the St. Anthony Main Theater on Friday, along with another pair of specialty draws. The Heights continues its dazzling Hollywood extravaganza. The Walker's got a couple of can't-miss arty attractions.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThink you're going to catch a fallow period for moviegoing on the eve of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival next month? Think again.
Movie Blog: Twin Cities Arab Film FestMediterranean cinema gets the Oscars, and Iranian cinema gets critics' attention. Cradled somewhere between the two is a rich and diverse panoply of filmmaking voices that are not often enough given the international spotlight.
Movie Blog: This Week's Best BetsThe Oscars are next Sunday, so if you haven't caught some of the worthy contenders like <i>Lincoln</i>, <i>Zero Dark Thirty</i> or <i>Amour</i>, there's still a little bit of time. (And if you haven't seen the also nominated <i>Les Miserables</i>, count yourself lucky.)