Horses, Donkey Recovering After Winter Of 'Extreme Neglect'In April, we shared with you heartbreaking images of a donkey and seven horses struggling to survive. They had been removed from a Fillmore County farm, badly malnourished and suffering from abuse.
Viral Video: Horses Pull Stranded Semi Up Icy Hill In Southeastern MinnesotaA pair of Belgian horses helped a stranded semi-driver up a hill after an icy snowstorm southeast of Rochester, Minnesota when the truck driver spun out while delivering an empty trailer back to the owners.
Feed Produced In Minnesota Responsible For Horse DeathsThe FDA found the feed to contain monensin, an animal drug highly toxic to horses, even at low levels.
Minn. Officials Urge Caution After Horse Disease Found In Neighboring StatesState officials say horse owners should be on the lookout after a highly contagious disease is being reported in the Upper Midwest.
Deadline Looms For 300 South Dakota Wild HorsesVolunteers are scrambling to find homes for hundreds of wild horses in South Dakota that were spared a possible trip to the slaughterhouse but are now suffering through a harsh winter.
2 Horses Die After Falling Through Pond Ice In Wis.The Dunn County Sheriff's Office says the horses succumbed to cold, deep water Sunday morning.
St. Paul Mounted Officers Fare Well In Snowy StreetsInstead of squad cars, officers with St. Paul's Mounted Patrol trotted through the snow on horseback in the afternoon.
Dozens Of Animals Removed From Wis. FarmSheriff's deputies and animal welfare workers have removed dozens of dogs and six horses from a property in Clark County.
Canterbury Race Horses Take To On-Site Swimming PoolCanterbury Park in Shakopee brings in fans of horse racing every weekend. Visitors show up for those exciting few minutes of competition, but the real work happens off the track. Trainers work with the horses every day to get them ready for the races
WCCO Viewers' Choice For Best Horse Trail In MinnesotaIt is your typical Minnesota campground: shared stories, laughter around the campfire -- even the "neighsayers." Yes, this is a place for people and their horses. Zumbro Bottoms it is your pick for Best Horse Trail in Minnesota.
Sheriff: 2 Horses Stolen In Stearns CountyThe Stearns County Sheriff's Office is investigating the theft of two horses from a farm in Lynden Township. The owners say the horses were last seen one week ago on their property.