Zebra Mussels Found In Roseville's McCarron LakeThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says it has found zebra mussels in McCarron Lake in Ramsey County.
DNR: Zebra Mussels Discovered In Iron Range Mine PitThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is trying to figure out how damaging zebra mussels ended up in a mine pit on the Iron Range.
Watercraft Registration Fee Doubles; Money To Go Toward Fighting Invasive SpeciesA fee on watercraft registration in Minnesota has doubled, with the money designated to go toward fighting invasive species.
'We Don't Want 'Em Here': Invasive Carp Caught In Mississippi, St. Croix RiversIt's the perfect summer day to be on the St. Croix river -- especially if you are in a boat heading out to fish.
Great Lakes States, Canadian Provinces Team Up On Invasive SpeciesThe eight states and two Canadian provinces in the Great Lakes region have agreed to cooperate on enforcing invasive species laws.
Goldfish: Carver County’s Surprisingly Formidable Invasive SpeciesIt's hard to think one of the most popular childhood pets, the goldfish, as alarming. But finding them in nature is just that.
Invasive Zebra Mussels Confirmed In Sugar LakeZebra mussels are an invasive species that can cause numerous problems, including clogging water intakes and attaching to and killing native mussels.
10-Year Plan Begins To Rid Lake Minnetonka Of CarpAt the landing each fish is tossed into the back of a pickup truck, soon to provide a tasty meal of protein to the center’s wolves.
Scientists Struggle To Measure Impact Of Invasive SpeciesScientists still don't have a clear answer on whether invasive species are destroying Minnesota's lakes more than 20 years after they started spreading in the state's waters.
DNR: Zebra Mussels Confirmed In 3 Metro-Area LakesThe DNR will conduct follow-up surveys of all three lakes to determine the severity and to assess treatment options.
Invasive Bloody Red Shrimp Found In Lake SuperiorThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says researchers found a single specimen of the tiny shrimp in the Duluth-Superior harbor last summer.