Iranian Citizen Negar Ghodskani Deported From Minnesota Following Conspiracy SentenceAn Iranian citizen who was brought to the U.S. to face criminal conspiracy charges has been deported back in her home country.
Iranian Citizen Negar Ghodskani Sentenced To 27 Months In Tech Export SchemeAn Iranian citizen has been sentenced in Minnesota to 27 months in federal prison for her role in an alleged conspiracy to illegally export restricted technology from the U.S. to Iran.
Trump Warns Iran Will Face 'End' If It Threatens U.S.Trump's tweet came after he seemingly sought to soften his tone on Iran following days of heightened tension sparked by the sudden deployment by the U.S. of bombers.
Iran Announces Partial Withdrawal From 2015 Nuclear DealIran sent letters Wednesday on its decision to the leaders of Britain, China, the European Union, France and Germany via their ambassadors in Tehran.
Trump Says He Would 'Certainly Meet' With Iran's RouhaniThe Trump administration withdrew from the landmark nuclear accord with Iran in May.
White House Ratchets Up Pressure On IranPresident Donald Trump's explosive Twitter threat to Iran's leader comes as his administration is ratcheting up a pressure campaign on the Islamic republic that many suspect is aimed at regime change.
Trump Tweets All Caps Warning To IranIran's state-owned news agency has dismissed President Donald Trump's warning tweet, issued all in capital letters, to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Where Does Our Gasoline Come From?Experts say President Donald Trump's decision to end the Iran deal could push gas prices beyond $3 per gallon.
Trump Announces Decision To Withdraw From Iran Nuclear DealAccording to a congressional aide, there will be 90- and 180-day wind-downs on various aspects of what is known as the JCPOA.
Trump Warns Iran Not To Restart Nuclear ProgramWeighing U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord, President Donald Trump declared on Tuesday that if the Iranians "restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than they've ever had before."
Trump To Speak On Iran Nuclear Deal FridayPresident Donald Trump will say Friday the Iran nuclear deal is no longer in U.S. national security interests, but he won't withdraw from the landmark deal.