Minnesotan To Meet: World Beard Champion MJ Johnson Most everyone has something that has embarrassed them as a child. But not all of us took that experience and turned it into something big. Enter MJ Johnson.
Minnesotan To Meet: Beez Kneez Founder Kristy AllenAfter working on Bar Bell Bee Ranch, owned by her aunt and uncle, Kristy Allen decided to combine her two favorite things –bees and biking – to create her own business.
Jamie And Kim Attend Kitchen In The Market's First Psychic SupperNourishing our minds, bodies and souls is so important to our overall well-being. That idea is how a new cooking class came about. WCCO's Jamie Yuccas and Kim Johnson went to Kitchen in the Market at the Midtown Global Market to try the new "Psychic Supper."
Minnesotan To Meet: Acupuncturist Senia Mae TuominenWhen you grow up good at math and science there are so many good jobs out there, like engineering. But what if you end up hating it?
Jamie Yuccas Leads Tours At MIA For 100th Birthday CelebrationFor its 100th birthday, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is offering a surprise a week!
Experience Twin Cities Trails With '30 Days Of Biking' ChallengeThe cycling community is offering up a challenge that could improve your health and introduce you to the Twin Cities biking trails. It's called 30 Days of Biking.
Get Movin' Monday: Progressive WorkoutsGetting in shape doesn't mean dumping all your money on a gym membership and equipment. Ire Collins from 9-Round joins us to show WCCO This Morning some simple, and effective, workouts using just two items – a medicine ball and a jump rope.
Minnesotan To Meet: Innovative Toymaker Jeff Freeland NelsonFrom theater to public service to toy maker? That's how Jeff Freeland Nelson became a huge success story.
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In The Twin CitiesIt's St. Patrick's Day and if you're looking for a place to go, we have a few ideas. There will be two big St. Patrick's Day parades.
Lunchbox Makeover: Save Yourself From Soggy BLTsThere are some days when you go: What am I going to eat for lunch? Many days, probably. Bacon is always an enticing option, but a regular BLT can get soggy, and that's a disappointment.
Lunchbox Makeover: Convert Leftovers Into Creative LunchesFood should be fun! Not just fun to eat, but fun to make. That's why all week we're giving you ideas to make-over your lunch box. Molly Herrmann is co-owner of Kitchen in the Market at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. She found that her son AJ would try new foods as long as he got to help make them.
Lunchbox Makeover: Prepping Pays OffAll week, we're helping you makeover your or your child's lunchbox -- because peanut butter and jelly just gets tiresome. Molly Herrmann is co-owner of Kitchen in the Market at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Her Instagram posts provide inspiration to moms across the Twin Cities. On Wednesday, she showed how prepping pays off.
Lunchbox Makeover: Using The Same Ingredients All Week LongThis week, we're giving your lunchbox a make-over. It can be done by keeping it simple and planning ahead.
Get Movin’ Monday: Lunchbox Makeover IdeasWhat do you pack for lunch? I'm sure most people say peanut butter and jelly, but not one local mother. Molly Herrmann posts pictures of her amazing looking lunches to Instagram, so we wanted to know how we could makeover our lunch box to look more like hers.
Jason & Jamie Test Out Midwest Hand-Crafted Bloody Mary MixesThis Saturday and Sunday is the Minnesota Monthly Food and Wine Experience. Dozens of restaurants and more than a hundred wines will be featured, but that's not all. Jason DeRusha and Jamie Yuccas had the chance to test out five brands of Midwest hand-crafted Bloody Mary mixes.