'The Evidence Is Still Very Much Out': The Problem With Serology TestingMinnesota health leaders say one COVID-19 test may not hold the answers you expect.
'We're Prepared': Minnesota Governor, Top Health Official Acknowledge Human Toll Attached To ReopeningThe Minnesota Department of Health says it's bracing for more cases of COVID-19 as the state reopens.
Coronavirus Impact: Why Minnesota Has A Higher COVID-19 Death Rate Than WisconsinIn the past months, Minnesota has seen a 7.5 deaths per 100 cases, while Wisconsin has seen 4.6 deaths per 100 cases.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Gov. Tim Walz's Executive Order Reopens Some Outdoor Activities, Including Golf CoursesHowever, the Governor’s order still maintains that citizens travel close to home.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: The Debate Over Reopening The State And CountryThe federal government laid out specific guidelines for the entire country, comprised as a three-phase approach.
How Well Are We Social Distancing?On Tuesday, Minnesota’s Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm said social distancing is “having a positive impact” on keeping down the number of COVID-19 cases.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: State Officials Will Now Release Names Of Outbreak-Hit Care FacilitiesThe Minnesota Department of Health will now release the names and locations of 49 long-term care facilities with confirmed cases of COVID-19.
Why Aren't There Enough COVID-19 Tests, And Why Do Some States Have More?On Wednesday, Minnesota’s Commissioner of Health said Minnesota has put in specific requests, for more supplies from the U.S. Health and Human Services.
How Do Ventilators Work?“The ventilator works to provide extra oxygen to people who need it and it allows the patients to exhale so that the carbon dioxide can be removed from the body."
State Releases More Information About Confirmed Case Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)At this point health officials say they are not concerned about community exposure because the person stayed home and was not out in crowds.
Minnesota Lawmakers Discuss COVID-19 Outbreak Costs, ScopeMinnesota lawmakers held their first public hearing on COVID-19 Wednesday.