Push To Legalize Marijuana In Minnesota Gains Momentum, But Faces Opposition In SenateThe push to fully legalize marijuana in Minnesota will be up for debate again this legislative session.
Mpls. Police Hiring Outside Help: What Happened, What Comes NextAs violent crime went up in Minneapolis last year, the number of police officers went down. So, two months ago: The city gave the police chief money to hire outside help. The new year came without extra officers on our streets, however. WCCO looked at what happened, and what comes next.
New Tech Could Help MnDOT Plows Determine Best Way To Clear Snow Based On ConditionsIn northwestern Minnesota, newer technology is being tested. MnDOT's research and training engineer, Tom Peters, calls it an experimental project.
White Christmas: Snow Event Has Some Minnesotans Looking On The Bright Side
Expert Digs Through George Floyd Trial Juror QuestionnaireWe are getting our first look at the questionnaire potential jurors in the George Floyd trial have been sent and asked to fill out.
7 Of 41 Arrested By MPD In Carjacking Crackdown Have Been ReleasedWe have the names of 26 people arrested during the crackdown last week. We've learned at least seven of those arrested are now out of jail, because they weren't charged with a crime quick enough.
2 Minnesota Bars Face Liquor License Suspensions Hours After Reopening In Defiance Of Exec. OrderGov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday that indoor service at restaurants, bars and breweries will stay closed through Jan. 11. But some businesses are choosing not to listen.
Minnesota Family Shares Experience Of Adopting Brothers During COVIDThe pandemic forced several organizations to pause and figure out how to move forward. That's true for adoption in Minnesota.
300+ Residents Sign Up To Speak At City Council Meeting On Shrinking MPDSome were pleading for City Council members to deliver the reforms they promised after George Floyd's death and others warned it would be irresponsible to cut officers amid soaring crime rates.
Residents At Cimarron Park, Many Already Struggling Amid COVID, Face Rent Hike“There’s a lot in the community that are really hurting right now and we’re all trying to figure out how to get by and make ends meet,” resident Kim Phan said.
FBI Agent Breaks Down Common Themes In Bank Robberies, ATM BurglariesDuring the unrest that followed George Floyd's death, rioters set fires and looted stores. Vandals also burglarized ATMs, a crime that's up in Minnesota this year.