#Trending In Entertainment: Adele's Rumor, Tracy Morgan Is Healing, And A Man Seeks Katy PerryThis week rumors surrounded a British songstress, our favorite comedian was feeling better, and a strange man was looking for Katy Perry and JFK.
First Lady's Assassination Dress To Be Kept From Public Till 2103A Minnesota man is among the few who have seen one iconic piece of history from the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated: The suit worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The simple pink suit with black collar and pillbox hat became among the most iconic of modern images, and came to symbolize the day life changed in America. Mrs. Kennedy wore the outfit, a copy of a favorite Chanel design, while sitting next to her husband in the motorcade in Dallas. And she wore it on the plane back to Washington when Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office, and when her husband's casket was off-loaded into a gray U.S. Navy ambulance.
Mpls. Federal Judge Believes Oswald Was Sole ShooterIn 1993, Minneapolis Federal Judge Jack Tunheim was appointed by then-President Bill Clinton to head the assassination records review board with the sole purpose of finding all the secret records. Five million pages were made public. Most of the records that were still secret were at the CIA.
11-22-13 The Rash Report On The Morning News With Dave LeeIconic photos of JFK were lost.....in an ironic twist.
11-22-13 JFK 50th Anniversary: On The Morning News With Dave LeeWas Oswald the lone gunman?
11-22-13 The Morning Take On The Morning News With Dave LeeHubert Humphrey's political profile began to rise in the wake of the tragic events in Dallas.
11-15-13 The Rash Report On The Morning News With Dave LeeThe 50th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination is this week.
11-8-13 The Rash Report On The Morning News With Dave Lee60 Minutes apology....warranted?

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