65 Years Of The Emmys: A Look Back At Greatest HostsThree-time Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris is set to return as host for this year's 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Several charismatic celebs have been called upon to host television's biggest award ceremony through the years. Here's a look at five people whose Primetime Emmy prowess put them at the top of the hosting pack.
Jimmy Fallon Yucks It Up With Best Comedy Album GRAMMY
NBC Apologizes To Bachman For Fallon Song Choice GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann lashed out Wednesday at NBC for not apologizing or taking immediate disciplinary action for an off-color song played during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night."
Roots 'Welcome' Bachmann With Pointed Song ChoiceJimmy Fallon's house band the Roots didn't have a warm welcome for Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann when she appeared on the NBC show early Tuesday.
Colbert "Re-Interprets" Rebecca Black's "Friday"Stephen Colbert "re-interpreted" Rebecca Black's "Friday" for Jimmy Fallon as part of a charity fundraiser stunt. Take a look at the video.
Jimmy Fallon Squares Off With Colbert/Stewart Over Ice CreamYou may have heard that Jimmy Fallon got his own Ben & Jerry's flavor to celebrate his show's 1-year anniversary. Stephen Colbert (and his "Americone Dream") took exception. Check out the hilarity.
Jimmy Fallon: "Winning For Men"Jimmy Fallon put together a hilarious spoof commercial for a new Charlie Sheen fragrance: "Winning for Men". Check out the clip.
Jimmy Fallon: Pro Bowl ShuffleJimmy Fallon aired a sketch that's conveniently been pulled from many sites on the web. We found a link for you to check out, however.
Jimmy Fallon And Gweneth PaltrowJimmy Fallon & Gweneth Paltrow reprised their R&B duo, Shazzzzzz, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Fallon/Williams "Slow Jam" The NewsIf you haven't seen one Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's running bits, "Brian Williams Slow Jams the News", you're missing out on a piece of comedy gold.
Jimmy Fallon With Bruce SpringsteenOn Wednesday, Chad talked about Bruce Springsteen's appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night...