Biden Administration Nominates 1st Black Man To Serve As U.S. Marshal In MinnesotaThe Biden administration is nominating its first set of U.S. Marshals, including the first Black man to serve as the U.S. Marshal in Minnesota, along with a slate of other historic firsts for U.S. attorney posts across the nation.
Fourth Stimulus Check: Will You Get Another Relief Payment?COVID is still limiting the economic recovery for millions of Americans. Would a fourth stimulus check help?
Federal Judge Won't Block COVID Vaccine Mandate For Minnesota WorkersNearly 200 Minnesota health care workers filed a lawsuit in September challenging the requirement from President Joe Biden’s administration that all workers in most health settings get vaccinated or lose their jobs. The workers argued the lack of alternatives infringes on their rights.
Stimulus Check Latest: Is A Fourth Relief Payment Coming?A spike in COVID cases is still preventing the ongoing economic recovery from reaching millions of Americans, though a fourth stimulus check could help.
'We Cannot Let This Be A Tragic, Lost Opportunity': Ben Crump Urges Lawmakers Not To Give Up On George Floyd Justice In Policing ActFollowing the collapse of bipartisan police reform talks in Congress on Wednesday, civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who represents the family of George Floyd, said that his clients are extremely disappointed and urged Democratic senators to bring the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to a floor vote.
Wisconsin Election Investigator Warns Of SubpoenasThe retired conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice leading a Republican-ordered investigation into the 2020 presidential election released a video Monday threatening to subpoena election officials who don't comply and saying the intent was not to overturn President Joe Biden's narrow victory in the battleground state.
1.4 Million MN Workers Would Fall Under New Biden Administration's COVID Vaccine RulePresident Biden announced the latest effort to combat the pandemic on Thursday, saying it’s his job as president to protect Americans from the deadly disease. The president had previously urged businesses to adopt their own mandates late last month before taking this significant step in requiring them.
Federal Vaccine Mandate: How Could The New COVID Rules Affect You?President Biden recently announced broad new vaccine requirements with the potential to affect approximately 100 million Americans once they go into effect.
Where Do COVID Vaccine Mandates Stand?With the FDA's full approval of Pfizer's vaccine for COVID, vaccine mandates may become more prevalent in the the public and private sector.
1,100 Minnesota National Guard Troops In Afghanistan Ahead Of Evacuation Deadline1,100 Minnesota National Guard troops are working to secure parts of the Kabul airport and help with other humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.
President Biden Asks Employers To Require COVID-19 Vaccination; Some Minnesota Businesses Already Doing It“One of the core functions of government is to promote public safety and under that sort of reasoning, previous vaccine mandates have been upheld,” Professor Jill Hasday said.