Local Businessman Pitches In To Replace Stolen StarsNot wanting to take too much credit, Peter Taunton says hundreds of others would have done the same thing.
Man With 'Golden Voice' Says Fame Was 'Too Much'Remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the huge booming voice captured on a YouTube video last year?
WCCO's John Hines Interviews Titanic Museum OwnerA century ago today, the grandest ship ever built was cruising along without worry on the North Atlantic. The rest, of course, is history.
Local Social Media Expert On NYC School CrackdownA Twin Cities expert on social media takes issue with the actions of a private school in New York that penalized students for using Facebook.
Huge Jackpot Means Dreams For Players, Real Payouts For Minn.Everybody knows it's the longest of long shots, but that doesn't stop lottery ticket holders from dreaming of what they would do with a $640 million jackpot. Friday night's Mega Millions drawing is the richest jackpot in world history.
Senator Wants Senate Chamber Prayers NondenominationalOn Monday, a prayer on the Senate floor made Democratic State Sen. Terri Bonoff feel "highly uncomfortable."
Jay Leno Is Coming to Mystic LakeJay Leno's coming to town and talked with John Hines and City Pages. We've got links.
Mpls. Woman's Dog Up For Best In Show At WestminsterIt's a big night for Sally Sweatt of Minneapolis, but a bigger night for her Scottish deerhound.
DNR: Certain Factors May Have Caused Bird DeathsThe head of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource's non-game wildlife division says a combination of factors may have caused the mysterious deaths of 3,000 birds in Arkansas.
City Of Minneapolis: Parkers Please ComplyDrivers are still flooding impound lots to pick up their cars after Minneapolis and St. Paul both declared snow emergencies this past weekend.
Student Wins $123K Scholarship In CompetitionWith just a few tosses of a football, a Minneapolis woman won a $123,000 scholarship.