Hidden Problems: The Effect Flooding Can Have On Tree Health, HomeownersParts of the state have experienced major flooding in recent weeks. That’s resulted in damaged homes, businesses and roadways. And some of the damage may not be obvious until this summer.
Potential Jurors In Noor Trial Asked About Experiences With Police, Somali CommunityJury selection has begun in a Minneapolis police shooting case that sparked outrage around the world. Former officer Mohamed Noor is accused of shooting and killing Justine Ruszczyk Damond.
'Art Should Be Everywhere': 'Cork Car Lady' Makes Art Part Of Her CommunityIn this week's Finding Minnesota, John Lauritsen got a ride with the "Cork Car Lady" to find out why she transformed her car, and why she isn't alone.
Mom Survives Rare Amniotic Fluid Embolism While Giving BirthLiana Albers had read all the baby books while expecting, but nothing could prepare her for what happened on January 24.
'It's Never Done': Railroad Club In Coon Rapids Creates Expansive Model Train Sets Of Real Tracks, CitiesModel train sets have been around since the 1840s and have stood the test of time, but chances are you haven't seen a set like the one in Coon Rapids. It covers 5,000 square feet and connects 12 cities.
Spring Thaw Wreaking Havoc On Homes, LawnsWarm temperatures have led to a rapid snow melt. But even if you're starting to see grass peak through, all that moisture will make for an interesting spring for our lawns.
Weekday At Bernie's: Edina Man's March Madness Tradition Turns 19Studies have been done about how much work productivity is lost during the NCAA tournament. And at one Edina house, they don't even try to hide it.
'Never Seen This Before': Hastings, Jordan Among Minnesota Cities Battling FloodsCommunities in Minnesota and Wisconsin are dealing with high water. They've had to evacuate some homes, and close roadways. In Jordan, 300 households in this mobile home park have had to be evacuated. It’s a flooding battle that the community has been fighting for days.
With 30+ Years, The Ballpark May Be MN's Longest-Running Sports Memorabilia StoreThe inspiration began after the Twins inspired an entire state by winning their first World Series in 1987. Shortly after that historic victory, Calvin Havercamp found himself in a baseball card shop.
City Crews Monitor Flood Risks Near Minnehaha CreekInformation from the National Weather Service helped city crews find and dislodge an ice jam on Minnehaha Creek Thursday morning, likely preventing further flooding. Basset Creek is another waterway that's being monitored.
Melting Snow Creates Slushy, Slick Streets Across MetroThe snow that has piled up over the past month and from the storm we got over the weekend is creating a variety of problems on streets and sidewalks across the Twin Cities.
Twin Brothers Open RC Racing Store In WoodburyBrad and Richard Arkell do pretty much everything together, and over the years, both developed a love for remote control racing.
'Listen To Your Body': Cardiologist Gives Shoveling TipsDoctors say there is a correlation between snowfalls and heart attacks. And they warn that for the majority of victims, the symptoms come out of nowhere.
It's Not Too Late To Buy A Snowblower, It SeemsMany hardware stores are hoping this is the last storm because supplies are running thin, but WCCO's John Lauritsen did manage to find supplies in stock.
MnDOT Workers Concerned About Heavy, Wet SnowWhen it seems like every day involves extreme cold or excessive snow, Minnesota Department of Transportation workers say they have to be ready for anything, but snowfall expected this weekend could pose different challenges.