After Cable Snap, Stillwater Lift Bridge Could Be In Down Position For WeekThe Stillwater Lift Bridge has been closed after a cable snapped Sunday evening, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. MnDOT spokesman Kent Barnard says the cable snapped at around 8 p.m. Now, the bridge is in down position and closed to traffic from boats 6-feet tall or higher. Once a replacement cable arrives, it will take a week to install, weather permitting.
MnDOT Plows Ready For Round 2 Of SnowPulling out of the garage in Arden Hills, WCCO Radio rode along with Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) spokesperson Kent Barnard as he started his job as a driver.
MnDOT Working Ahead Of Winter StormA winter storm that is causing huge problems across the Midwest moved into Minnesota Thursday night.
State Patrol: 367 Reported Crashes Sunday The rain and snow mixed together is causing problems on area roads. The Minnesota Department of Transportation says icy conditions are making travel particularly difficult in southern Minnesota.
Good Question: Why Don't We Use Sand On The Roads Anymore?Let’s hope the roads are better after Wednesday night’s snowstorm than they were after the last one.
Why Are The Roads So Bumpy In The Metro?Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation say that bumpy "wash board" effect on metro roads is caused by a number of factors.
Morning Snow Catches Drivers, MnDOT Off GuardMetro motorists were suddenly and unexpectedly thrown into winter mode on Monday morning. According to the State Patrol, at least 50 spinouts and fender-benders were reported by late Monday morning.
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