Kylie's Kids: Meet EddieHe wants to be a movie actor or director, but for now he'll settle for entertaining everyone at Masonic Children's Hospital.
Kylie's Kids: Meet JazzyFor kids who are born with heart problems, sports aren't usually an option. That is why this week's Kylie's Kid is so excited as she waits for her new heart. Jazzy can't wait for the day she gets to play the sports she loves.
Kylie's Kids: Meet LilyAt 12 years old, Lily is a self-taught artist. Every unexpected hospital stay means she has a lot of time to practice.
Kylie's Kids: Meet NarriahA lot of kids like to pick out their own outfits and usually it doesn't go very well. But, this week's Kylie's Kid has had a knack for style since she was little.
Kylie's Kids: Meet NathaliaSo many people live in Minnesota for that outdoor lifestyle. That's especially true when you go to northern Minnesota, which is where this week's Kylies Kid is from.
Kylie's Kids: Arlyn & His Baby SisterMoving the entire family can be a huge deal, especially when it's unexpected. This is exactly what happened with Kylie's Kid Arlyn.
Kylie's Kids: Lennon's First SnowSix-year-old Lennon from Houston, Texas had never seen snow. So, Friday was a bright spot during a bone marrow transplant and treatment.
Kylie's Kids: Sydney & JoJo UpdatesWe have a couple of good updates to pass along for our Kylie's Kids.
Kylie's Kids: Meet GusSome children are just wise beyond their years, and this week's Kylie's Kid is one of them.
Kylie's Kids: Meet Griffin And His Pogo StickFor 9-year-old Griffin Dahmen his love of pogo sticking isn't just for fun, it's helping him recover from a rare form of cancer.
Kylie's Kids Update: Elisa's Improvement Surpasses ExpectationsPeople travel to the U of M Masonic Children's Hospital for treatment from all over the world. One of those was Kylie's Kid Elisa, who we introduced you to last year.
Kylie's Kids: Meet AndrewAlmost all doctors will say, don't use Google for medical advice. But for the family of this week's Kylie's Kid, when they asked Siri what was wrong with their 4-year-old, the answer was surprisingly correct.
Kylie's Kids: Meet JaceBack to school is a time for excitement, new beginnings, new lessons. One metro school got an extra lesson about cancer this year. When Kylie's Kid, Jace, started first grade, his parents wanted to make sure all his friends understood why he looked a little different from last year.
Kylie's Kids: Meet KarennaKarenna has spent her summer planning gifts for kids in the hospital. Her mission is appropriately called "Give A Gift, Give a Smile."
Kylie's Kids: Meet EvanIt's not very often you hear about babies battling cancer. But this week's Kylie's Kid was diagnosed at just 7 months old with an extremely rare type of lung cancer.