Rep. Ellison Condemns Attacks On LibyaThe killings and the attacks on U.S. Embassies in Libya and Egypt are being condemned by the first Muslim elected to the US House -- Rep. Keith Ellison.
Qaddafi's Death Gives Local Libyans HopeAs Libyans regain their freedom -- they are also losing their fear.
Good Question: How Are War Criminals Punished?While Libya is in a state of unrest, there's already talk about what happens to Moamaar Gaddafi and his sons when they are captured. How are accused war criminals punished?
Mpls. Man Could Return Home To Libya After 3 DecadesAfter decades, a Libyan American man gets a call from his brother telling him it is finally safe to come home after 32 years.
Libyans In Twin Cities Celebrate End Of Gadhafi's RuleInside the Marina Grill and Deli in Northeast Minneapolis, a television blared news from Libya, where rebels have claimed to be in control of most of the Libyan capital on Monday after their advance on Tripoli.
Bachmann: Obama Foolish On Libya, Not On Our SideMinnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told a packed tea party gathering she doesn't think President Barack Obama is "on our side anymore" as she blamed him for a "foolish" war in Libya and high gasoline prices.
Bachmann Says She Wouldn't Have Gone Into LibyaA tea party-backed conservative congresswoman says President Barack Obama has failed to demonstrate a vital U.S. national security interest for going into Libya.
Good Question: What Is NATO?Soon, the United States will turn over the lead role in operations against Libya to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. So, what is NATO and does the U.S. really control the organization?
Obama's Libya Policy Blasted By GOP 2012 HopefulsThe Republicans looking to succeed President Barack Obama all say he's bungling Libya.
Klobuchar Supports U.S. Military Action In LibyaU.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said military action being taken against Libya is justified.
Libyans In MN React To U.S. Intervention In LibyaLibyan-Americans are watching the situation in their homeland closely as the United States and other countries launched missile strikes Saturday to take out Qaddafi air defenses.