Recovering Addict Thanks Bloomington Officer She Credits With Saving Her LifeSgt. Tom Williams recounted the stop he made in 2014 when he pulled over a 19-year-old college student caught speeding with a spoon and tinfoil in her car. Marisa Krause is now 25 years old and hopes to be a substance abuse counselor for others.
'We Are Forward Thinkers': Rochester's Sisters Of St. Francis On Cutting Edge Of ConservationA group of Minnesota women connected to the world's oldest form of Christianity are focused on the future.
Raising A Generation Of Narcissists? Local Experts Weigh InDr. Katie Holter, a therapist at Minnetonka Counseling, says narcissism is a personality trait with characteristics including arrogance, superficiality, feeling superior, being more prone to aggression and needing constant admiration.
Parents Of Paralyzed 7-Year-Old Ask For Help To Remodel Richfield HomeBeyond a backyard ramp, their home wasn't built for accessibility. Inside, 7-year-old Ryan Palattao pulls himself to most places.
Pet Owners Find New Challenges Filling Prescriptions Over New Opioid LawsThe state's new opioid law went into effect at the beginning of the month, and parts of it have forced veterinarians to clear up confusion.
'All Lined Up Before You Need It': Alzheimer's Association Shares Steps For Estate PlanningTalks about money and long-term care wishes can be tough enough, but when a loved one is suffering from memory loss, advocates say there is no time to waste.
Among Tough Moments For Those With Alzheimer's Disease, When To Take The Keys AwayJust as they have for years, the Quinns escaped most of the Minnesota winter in Florida. Only this time, there were very few beach walks Paul would take alone.
'Near Impossible To Track': Eagan Police Warn Of Reshipping ScamsThe work sounds promising: earn a quick buck by reshipping products delivered to your home, but police are sending a warning before more people fall victim to a global crime spree.
Minneapolis Homeowner On The Hook To Pay Thousands For Water Line RepairA small water line leak has led to an eye-popping repair bill for one Minneapolis homeowner.
'I Had Forgotten About Joy': Twin Cities Class Helps People Bounce Back From Stress, LossWe've likely all struggled with stress and anxiety in life. Sometimes, it can take time to bounce back from tough times, especially as we age, but a class in the Twin Cities is teaching people to retrain their brains to be able to find resilience. 
'It Does Kind Of Stand For Family': Faces Of WCCO Look Back On 70 Years Of BroadcastingLiz Collin sat down with some familiar faces who shared their favorite memories and the secrets to staying relevant in a now-crowded media field.
'We'll Keep Fighting': Freeborn County Landowners Call On State To Stop Wind ProjectThe Freeborn Wind Project by Chicago-based Invenergy calls for 42 turbines set up throughout four townships.
Fight Against Flame-Retardant Chemicals Moves To WashingtonGov. Walz has signed into law a bill banning some flame-retardant chemicals common in household products. WCCO looked into what the changes here could mean for the next generation of firefighters across the country.
'Just Unbelievable': 3 Years After Son's Overdose Death, Petrick Family Wants JusticeNick Petrick, 29, died from fentanyl-laced heroin investigators say his friend bought from Beverly Burrell. She's already been sentenced in the deaths of three young men, but a former police officer's actions are raising new questions in this case.
New Law Aims To Crack Down On Slow-Moving Vehicles In Left LaneThe state legislature passed a bill this session that will fine drivers who don't move over for faster vehicles.