Tap Talk: NorthGate BrewingA year-and-a-half after they sold their first pint at Grumpy's Northeast, NorthGate Brewing Company moved into a new location on Harding Street. Currently, they are undergoing yet another expansion, making Sjogren the only man to open two breweries in Minneapolis.
Tap Talk: Tin Whiskers Releases Bottled Barrel Shifter PorterA seasonal favorite is returning to the taps at Tin Whiskers Brewery Co., and, for the first time ever, it will also be available in bottles! The St. Paul brewery is releasing its Barrel Shifter Porter for the first time in bottles on Monday, Dec. 21.
Cider On Tap Talk: U Of M Alumni Launch Lionheart Cider CompanyA trend that has been growing exponentially over the years, craft has now moved its way into the vernacular of beer, cocktail, wine and even cider drinkers. In fact, depending on who you ask, cider is the fastest growing craft beverage on the market today.
Tap Talk: Lake Monster Brewing In St. PaulAdd Lake Monster Brewing to the ever expanding list of brewery/taprooms in the Twin Cities!
Tap Talk: Lakes & Legends Opens In Loring ParkAs craft beer expands its reaches to even further regions of the state, one area still remains a bit underserved – downtown Minneapolis. Enter Lakes & Legends Brewing Company.
Tap Talk: The 12 Beers Of Christmas Are Coming To Red CowIt may not be as hard to find as a partridge in a pear tree, but lords will be a-leaping this holiday season as Red Cow introduces the 12 Beers of Christmas.
Tap Talk: Brewery Trying To Win Over Macro-Brew Drinkers With '2-Pint Conversion'Are you a craft beer drinker who is annoyed with your friends who refuse to drink local craft beer? Or are you a big brand beer drinker, but want to branch out?
Tap Talk: Tin Whiskers Releases Wheatstone, Flip Switch IPA In CansOut with the bottles and in the cans. Out with the bottles and in the cans. After two years of brewing in St. Paul, Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. is introducing their beer in cans.
Tap Talk: OMNI Brewing CompanyWith such a deep-seated rivalry it's hard to believe fans of the Badgers and Gophers could put aside their differences long enough to agree on anything to do with the game, even down to the choice of beer. But that's exactly what happened with Justin Walsh and Zack Ward.
Tap Talk : Able Seedhouse And BreweryBrewers and drinkers alike know that by simply changing the yeast from American to European alters the flavor greatly. So, what happens what you alter the grains? And, more specifically, what happens when you use Midwest grains. Are we able to taste a difference?
Tap Talk: Canal Park Brewing CompanyWhether or not the iconic great lake's water really produces a noticeably better beer is certainly debatable. That being said, breweries up north take great pride in the fact that their beer is made from the lake's naturally cool, crisp water. And Canal Park Brewing is no exception. I mean, the lake is right outside the brewery's front door.
Tap Talk: Tin Whiskers Teams With Tiny Footprint Coffee On New StoutThe St. Paul brewery isn't merely creating a partnership between two businesses; they are creating a partnership between the two twin cities.
Tap Talk: Dangerous Man"Mommy, mommy! There's a dangerous man in the house!" And with those words a brewery was born. Well, okay, it wasn't quite that easy.
Tap Talk: Fair State Brewing CooperativeHere in Minnesota, we're practically known for our plethora of grocery co-ops, but how about "brewery" co-ops? Not so much. Well, that's precisely what Evan Sallee brought to the Minnesota market when he and his fellow co-founders – Niko Tonks and Matt Hauck – opened Fair State Brewing Cooperative along northeast Minneapolis' Central Avenue in September of 2014.
Tap Talk: Duluth Named No. 5 Beer Town In U.S. For OktoberfestZiggy zaggy! Duluth has been nationally-recognized as one of the best towns to celebrate Oktoberfest – outside of Germany, of course.