DNR: Be On Watch For Loons Infected With West Nile VirusIf you're spending time on Minnesota waters this summer keep a special watch for loons. The Department of Natural Resources says this is the time of year they become susceptible to West Nile Virus.
'We Needed Positive Momentum': Ike Opara Talks Role With Minnesota UnitedThe Loons acquired Opara from Kansas City this offseason, and as good a defender as he is – one of the best in the league – ask around and it's the intangible things where he's made the biggest impact. That's what it takes to change a culture.
Volunteers Sought To Survey Loons This Summer On Minnesota LakesLove getting up to watch the loons on Minnesota’s lakes? Well, there’s a volunteer opportunity for you this summer.
Minnesota United Prepare for Ibarra’s Final GameThe Minnesota United became international news this week when they agreed to transfer star player Miguel Ibarra to a Mexican team.
Nesting Loons Plagued By Black Fly Onslaught The peaceful call of loons in northern Minnesota is coming under attack by the pestering buzz of biting black flies. "It must be hard for them to see, let alone even breathe," said Lori Naumann, a non-game specialist with the Department of Natural Resources.
Warm Spring Brings Loons Back To Minnesota Early Transmitter data confirm the unusually warm spring is bringing loons back to Minnesota almost three weeks earlier than usual.
Study Under Way Into Impacts Of Oil Spill On LoonsA major study is under way into the potential impacts of the gulf oil spill on Minnesota's loons and pelicans.
Bird Watchers Fear Oil Spill Impact On Minn. LoonsWildlife experts and enthusiasts say there are encouraging early signs that Minnesota's loons and other migratory birds fared well while wintering in the Gulf of Mexico following last summer's massive oil spill, although they say it's too early to be sure.
Satellite Tracked Loon Returns From Oil Slicked GulfAs winter's icy grip releases Sagatagan Lake, months of anxious waiting and wondering are over. For Kristina Timmerman and Carol Jansky, loon number 55480 is back on summer waters.