Allegations Against Ellison Give Republicans An Opportunity In The AG RaceMore than half of Minnesotans were not even alive when the state last elected a Republican attorney general.
AG Seeks Tougher Penalties For 1st-Time Distracted Driving OffendersIn the four years from 2013 to 2017, Minnesota experienced the loss of 265 lives ended at the hands of a distracted driver.
Attorney General Sues Insulin Makers, Alleges Price GougingMinnesota's attorney general is going after three drug manufacturers who make insulin for people with diabetes, claiming the companies are gouging diabetics with steep price increases.
Minnesota's AG Sues Police Charity For Fraud And Misleading AppealPerhaps you've received one of its letters asking for charitable donations.
Tim Walz Wins DFL Gubernatorial PrimaryTim Walz has enough votes to be declared the winner of the Democratic primary for Minnesota's governor.
Lori Swanson Concedes DFL PrimarySwanson trailed heavily in early returns from Tuesday night's three-way primary against Rep. Tim Walz and state Rep. Erin Murphy.
Controversy Hits DFL On Eve Of Primary ElectionsThe Minnesota DFL is dealing with controversy on the eve of the state's primary election.
Candidates Addressing Serious Allegations Night Before August PrimariesMost candidates are out campaigning on the final day before the primary while others are battling recent allegations.
GOP Governor Primary Tests Tim Pawlenty's Comeback BidIt's a high-stakes race in Minnesota. Democrats hope to retain their blockade over a GOP Legislature.
Swanson Accused Of Pushing Staffers To Do Campaign WorkD'Andre Norman, who worked in Swanson’s office from 2006 to 2014, told the online news publication "The Intercept" he was asked to recruit employees for political events on Swanson's behalf, suggesting their careers would benefit.
DFL Candidates For Governor Debate Just Days Ahead Of PrimaryThe three Democrats running for Minnesota governor are highlighting their differences in the homestretch to next week's primary.