Rime Ice Coats Minnesota Trees, Turning Parks Into Winter WonderlandMinnesota has been stuck in some long stretches of overcast days, but the dense fog is turning the state into a winter wonderland.
Minnesota Trump Supporter Drove To U.S. Capitol To Attend Rally That Turned ViolentThere were Minnesotans among the thousands of President Donald Trump loyalists on the United States Capitol grounds during Wednesday's destructive rally.
Minnesota Trump Supporters Held Peaceful 'Storm The Capitol' Rally, While Mob Stormed U.S. CapitolAt the state capitol in St. Paul, supporters of President Trump are taking part in a "Storm the Capitol" rally.
Hundreds March In Minneapolis Against 'Nonsense Killing' Of Dolal IddHundreds shut down a busy south Minneapolis intersection Sunday afternoon while demanding justice for 23-year-old Dolal Idd.
Minneapolis Park Board: Minnehaha Park Encampment Residents Must Vacate By SundayOn New Year's Eve morning, 28 people woke up to 72-hour eviction notices from the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board zip-tied to the fencing around their Minnehaha Park tent encampment.
Minnesotans Weigh In On 2021: Fresh Start? Or Same Old, Same Old?It's safe to say many were happy to see 2020 come to a close, but the reality is: Things don't change overnight.
Minnesotans Feeling Optimistic, Hopeful For 2021Around 200 people jumped in a freezing Lake Minnetonka for a polar plunge to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and Minnesota veterans. They said it was the perfect way to wash away all the bad that happened in 2020.
Minneapolis Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Dolal Idd's Fatal ShootingPolice in Minneapolis have released body camera video on Thursday from a traffic stop that ended with a man shot dead, the city's first police-involved death since George Floyd died while being restrained by officers in May.
COVID In Minnesota: Another 61 Deaths Reported, Positivity Rate Down To 5%As more and more Minnesotans continue to undergo vaccination for COVID-19, Minnesota health officials report there are another 2,204 positive cases of the virus and 61 more deaths as of the last day of 2020.
COVID In Minnesota: 2,019 Cases, 66 Deaths Reported WednesdayMinnesota health officials reported 2,019 cases of COVID and 66 additional deaths on Wednesday.
As Minnesota Ice Arenas Struggle To Survive COVID Shutdown, Wisconsin Rinks ThriveFogerty Arena in Blaine, which is the home ice for Blaine and Spring Lake Park's hockey teams and curling leagues, put out a call for help in a "Save Fogerty" campaign video asking for donations to keep the arena afloat while it's shut down during a traditional time to hit the ice.