Dayton Vetoes Bill On Ultrasounds Before AbortionsSupporters argued the bill would give women more information before deciding to have an abortion.
Pawlenty To Skip GOP Convention, Go Straight To PrimaryHis campaign says the two-term governor entered the race too late for to have a "fair fight" for the endorsement.
With 6 Days Left, Little Progress In Legislative SessionGov. Mark Dayton is calling on Republicans to provide emergency funding for schools, or he won't sign a bill for the state's tax code.
Gov. Dayton's Final Fishing Opener Boosts Spicer’s Profile, EconomyFor 71 years, the Governor’s Fishing Opener has been about much more than just the fishing.
Reality Check: 5 Years Of Same-Sex Marriage In MinnesotaGov. Mark Dayton signed the law legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota on May 14, 2013.
Dayton Vetoes Bill Repealing Wild Rice Water StandardsGov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill that would nullify a water quality standard that's meant to protect wild rice.
Dayton Renews Push To Lower Health Insurance PremiumsMark Dayton wants to expand the state subsidized MinnesotaCare insurance program to working families who can't afford health care.
With Tax Pieces In Play, It's Capitol Deal-Making SeasonIt's crunch time at the Capitol, and millions of Minnesota residents' wallets are on the line.
Gov. Dayton, Students Call For GOP-Led Gun ReformGov. Mark Dayton urged lawmakers to take action to reduce gun violence with what he calls “commonsense legislation” -- in a last-ditch effort before the session ends.
Dayton Urges Lawmakers To Pass Stand-Alone Gun Safety Bill"Minnesotans are still awaiting final legislative action on policies that would make our schools safer," Dayton said.
Dayton Says He'll Veto Bill Repealing Wild Rice StandardGov. Mark Dayton has warned lawmakers he'll veto a bill to nullify the state's wild rice water quality standard if it reaches his desk without changes.
Minn. Senate Passes Plan To Sync State Taxes With Federal OverhaulThe Minnesota Senate prepared Thursday to vote on its plan syncing Minnesota's taxes with the federal government while modestly cutting income tax rates, the final piece of a three-way debate over taxes at the Capitol this year.
Minn. GOP Lawmakers Unveil Sweeping Tax PlanIf lawmakers do nothing at Minnesota's tax code, hundreds of thousands could face steep tax hikes
Dayton Calls For $138M To Address School Budget ShortfallsMore than 26 school districts around the Twin Cities and 33 districts in rural Minnesota are struggling with budget deficits.
Dayton Unveils New State Guidelines For Doctors In Prescribing OpioidsIn part, the guidelines encourage doctors to prescribe the lowest effective dose of opioids when they are used for acute pain and to monitor those patients.