Therapist, TikTok Star Shani Tran Says 'Trauma Has To Be Rethought' After Pandemic, George Floyd's DeathWhen it comes to mental health, it's been a trying six months for everyone -- especially for people of color.
Distance Learning Can Be Tough On Teens; Here Are 4 Signs They Might Need HelpMost of Minnesota's largest high schools will again be doing some kind of distance learning this fall, meaning teenagers will again be stuck at home and connected to their devices.
'It Renders You Helpless': Addressing The Trauma Suffered By Black Americans From Pattern Of Police Shootings92 days ago, the constant images of George Floyd's last moments alive were traumatizing. Now, Jacob Blake's shooting has rehashed the pain.
COVID-19 Heavily Impacting Mental Health, But More People Are Seeking HelpA sobering report shows just how dangerous the COVID-19 pandemic has been to our mental health.
Thrill Seekers Look To Tackle Bucket Lists During Pandemic WCCO looked into why more daredevils are skydiving during the COVID-19 pandemic and what that says about our mental health.
'We Must Act Quickly': Sen. Tina Smith Urges Federal Gov't To Provide Mental Health Resources For Native Youth During PandemicU.S. Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.) has sent a letter to federal education and health officials, demanding accessible, comprehensive and culturally-competent mental health care for Indigenous youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Ways To Keep Calm Among Rising Pandemic AnxietyUnder a stay-at-home order, many therapists are switching to teletherapy, where they make connections and provide guidance over video chat or phone.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Mental Health Community Raises Concerns Over COVID-19 ImpactThe mental health community has raised many concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on mental illness. 
Man Who Allegedly Shot Two People On Metro Transit Bus Had Been Civilly CommittedMalcom Lessley was found incompetent to continue court proceedings after he was accused of pointing a gun at the head of a cab driver in 2019.
Do Cannabinoids Improve Mental Health? New Study Concludes There's Not Much EvidenceA new research review by the Lancet Psychiatry journal agrees, concluding that there's not much evidence that suggests cannabinoids can improve things like depression, anxiety, ADHD or PTSD. The results contradict a popular cultural belief.
What Is Anxiety?About 50 million American adults experienced some sort of mental illness last year. Anxiety disorders were the most common kind.