Deer Tick Season: How To Prepare And Protect Yourself, Family And PetsWe're entering peak deer tick season and we wanted to find out if they'll be bad this year. And if so, where. But Erin Hassanzadeh found it's not that easy to predict.
'They’re Really Kind Of Nasty Little Bugs': Biting Gnats Out In Full Force In South MetroThe Metropolitan Mosquito Control District says gnats are really bad in some parts of the south metro.
Mosquito Control Underway After Recent Heavy RainfallThe Metropolitan Mosquito Control District says June mosquito numbers were above the 10-year average as a result of the wet weather.
Are This Year's Gnats Worse Than In The Past?The good news is there's no evidence they can spread COVID-19. The bad news is it’s not clear when they’ll go away.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Mosquito Control In The Time Of COVID-19Mosquito control is considered an essential health service, and crews are out surveying areas to treat while adjusting to the new normal.
Mosquito Season Preparations Underway In Hennepin CountyThough the ice is only just starting to melt, one group is already thinking about summer mosquitoes.
Experts Aim To Combat Influx Of Gnats With Soil BacteriaExperts say the number of gnats in the air is unusually high due to conditions that make it hard to treat for them. Don't worry – relief is on the way.
Cooler Spring Temperatures Slow Mosquito DevelopmentMosquitoes aren't hatching quickly this year despite the high amounts of rainfall and snowmelt Minnesotans have experienced. The bug is stuck in its larvae stage a little longer than expected thanks to the chilly start to the season.
Metropolitan Mosquito Control Deploys Drones To Find, Treat LarvaAs all the snow melts, the water pools left behind become a breeding ground. Now, the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District is using technology to help fight mosquitoes.
Can Humans Wear Tick Collars?That might not be an option up everyone’s alley, but there are alternatives.
Health Officials Warn Of Deer Ticks Over Fourth Of JulyWith the Fourth of July two days away, health officials are warning people to be on the lookout for deer ticks.