Weather In Space Leaves Minnesota Communications, Utilities At High RiskAs hurricane Irma delivered a glancing, but devastating, blow to Puerto Rico on September 7, 2017, a major solar flare did the same to earth.
Minnesota Weather: Tornadoes, Storms Wreak Havoc In Southern MinnesotaTornadoes and severe thunderstorms roared through southern Minnesota Thursday evening.
NASA, Space Geeks Prepare To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Moon LandingThe Apollo 11 mission culminated on July 20, 1969 when astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became lunar pioneers.
WCCO Saturday Morning Links (June 8, 2019)Jennifer Mayerle and Mike Augustyniak covered a lot of ground in this week's WCCO Saturday Morning show. Here are links for more information.
Mike's Mix: 2 Father's Day Cocktail Recipes From Demi's Robb JonesMike Augustyniak gets some cocktails recipes in time for Father’s Day from Robb Jones of Spoon and Stable, Bellecour -- and the new Demi.
Minnesota Weather: Friday Could Be First 90-Degree Day In 257 DaysThe last time we were above 90 degrees was back on September 15, 2018.
Why Is It So Hard To Predict Tornadoes?For 13 days in a row, tornadoes have ripped across the Midwest and Great Plains. Forecasters said the weather conditions were ripe for twisters, but no one could say exactly where they'd touch down. So, why is it so hard to predict tornadoes? Good Question.
How Sirens Went From Anticipating Air Raids To Warning Of TornadoesAs Hennepin County's population has expanded -- nearly doubling since 1950 -- the number of sirens has increased.
First Avenue Exhibit Debuts At Minnesota History CenterThe legendary First Avenue is on display at the Minnesota History Center.
We Can't Get Snow This Late In The Year ... Can We?Mike Augustyniak says the truth is it snows here in May. Even though it's not a lot, northern Minnesota regularly sees at least a few tenths of an inch of snow during May.
Minnesota Weather: Why Is This Snow Yellow?This near mid-spring snow storm is bringing many in Minnesota a fresh and not entirely welcome dumping of snow.