Finding Minnesota: Woodbury Community Theatre Offers Spectacle, EscapeWhat started with a small play to help the local PTA in 1975 has since grown into a large-scale community theater, performing in a multi-million dollar venue.
One Day Of Mississippi Clean Up Nets 5 Tons Of TrashOne of Minnesota's most treasured natural resources often becomes a dumping ground.
Finding Minnesota: Winona State’s Floating ClassroomStudents in southeast Minnesota are using a new floating classroom on the Mississippi River to study everything from geology to performance arts.
The Push To Establish A Historic District In DinkytownAs more high-rises go up in Dinkytown, there's a growing push to protect and preserve some of the older structures.
Finding Minnesota: St. Cloud's Public Gardens Tell A Love StoryTwo free public gardens along St. Cloud’s riverfront are known for more than their flowers, tall trees and fountains.
Boy Injured Trying To Separate Fighting DogsA 9-year-old boy is recovering at home after being injured trying to break up a fight between his two pit bulls.
Finding Minnesota: The 'Grand Canyon Of The North'This year, thousands will take a side trip to a giant hole in the ground in northern Minnesota that locals like to call “the Grand Canyon of the North.”
Finding Minnesota: Hastings Chainsaw ArtistWilliams is a former home builder who had to get creative after being laid off in 2006. He tried his hand at building log furniture, but then was inspired by a chainsaw artist and realized he also had the ability to create characters out of wood.
Southwest Light Rail Cuts Mean Sacrifices For CommunitiesThe cutting is about to begin to parts of the Southwest Light Rail project between downtown Minneapolis and Eden Prairie.
Finding Minnesota: A Game Of DronesA local business has created what may be the first drone obstacle course in the U.S. Extreme Sandbox lets visitors fly drones over, through and under various hurdles in an open field.
Finding Minnesota: Collecting Fish StoriesFrom classic lures known as “lazy Ikes” to vintage motors with the nickname “knuckle busters,” the evolution of fishing is on display at the Minnesota Fishing Museum.
Does Lurking, Spitting Ban Promote Racial Profiling?Lurking and spitting on the sidewalk have been against the law for many decades in Minneapolis. Now, some people want the city to repeal those ordinances, saying they promote racial profiling.
Finding Minnesota: YouTube Singing MarathonThe neighbors on his quiet block may be unaware of his online fame, but Zachary Scot Johnson has developed a national following.
After Another Fatal Fall, Red Wing Officials Considering Safety MeasuresAfter three deadly falls in four years, the city of Red Wing is considering more safety measures along a scenic trail.
Finding Minnesota: The Flower BomberA Minnesota man plots bombing missions across the United States in which no one gets hurt. In fact, David Cook, 50, hopes to achieve the opposite effect.