Minneapolis City Council To Take First Official Step In Ending Police DepartmentMinneapolis City Council members will take the first step Friday in the effort to disband the police department.
In The Month Since George Floyd's Death, A Look Back At What's Changed So FarOne month ago Thursday, Floyd died in Minneapolis after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly eight minutes. A lot has happened since Floyd's death, both here in the Twin Cities and across the country.
Some Mpls. City Council Members Double Down On Call To Disband Police Despite Surge In ViolenceSome Minneapolis City Council members are responding to the recent uptick in violence amid a push to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.
'Rotten To The Root': Rep. Ilhan Omar Defends Support Of Dismantling Minneapolis PoliceCongresswoman Ilhan Omar is defending her message of dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department.
Minneapolis City Council Votes Unanimously To Explore New Model For Public SafetyA majority of city council members have already said they're in favor of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.
‘Radical Left Democrats Have Gone Crazy!’: President Trump Responds To Defund And Abolish Police MovementA day after a majority of Minneapolis City Council members announced their intent to disband the city’s police department, President Donald Trump is calling for law and order.
Police Back Off Peaceful Protests As Minneapolis Leaders Call For Defunding PoliceCalls for deep police reforms gained momentum as leaders in the city where George Floyd died at the hands of police pushed to dismantle the entire department.
Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To Defund, Dismantle MPDOn Sunday, nine Minneapolis City Council members announced their commitment to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.
'Layers Of Accountability': Mayor Jacob Frey Signs Temporary Restraining Order Forcing Immediate Reforms In Mpls. Police Dept.Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has signed a temporary restraining order (TRO) with the state of Minnesota, which will force immediate policing reforms for the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of George Floyd’s death.
Minneapolis City Council To Hold Emergency Meeting On Police Department's Future The Minneapolis City Council is holding an emergency meeting Friday to discuss the future of the city's police department.
Minneapolis City Council Members Want AG Ellison To Take Floyd CaseSeveral Minneapolis City Council members are asking Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to appoint the state’s attorney general as a special prosecutor in the death of George Floyd.