Ignited Gas Pours Into Sewer After Maple Grove Truck RolloverA truck rollover in the north metro caused part of a highway to shut down Thursday evening.
Minnesota Weather: The Southeast Continues To Battle Blizzard SnowThis weekend's blizzard packed a punch that only Jack Frost could deliver, blanketing parts of the state with more than 10 inches of snow.
Some Roads Remain Closed Due To Blowing SnowA Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesman says just because you see a plow or tow truck on a closed road doesn't mean you're clear to drive on it.
More MnDOT Plows Getting Hit This SeasonFully loaded with salt and brine, MnDOT plow trucks will weigh between 25 and 35 tons. That’s why passing one obscured in a cloud of snow is not only dangerous, it can be deadly.
Despite Snowy February, MnDOT Salt Supplies Are GoodMnDOT has 286,000 tons of salt under contract right now. They've used less than 100,000 tons so far this year.
Higher Speed Limits Coming To 5,000 Miles Of Minnesota HighwayThe Minnesota Department of Transportation is increasing the speed limit on many areas of state highways following the recommendations of a five-year study.
MnDOT: Covered Signs Along Highway 41 Part Of Speed StudyThis is one of dozens of MnDOT speed studies done every year on new or reconstructed roads or when there is a speed-related safety concern.
Ahead Of More Snow, MnDOT Outlines Pre-Treating ProtocolThe Minnesota Department of Transportation can't change people's driving habits, but they do have a special system in place to help ensure your car doesn't end up in the ditch. “We have several bridges in the metro area that have anti-icing systems on them,” said MnDOT Communications Director Kevin Gutknecht. One of those bridges is Interstate 35-E over the Mississippi River. A system detects the weather and sprays out a chemical to stop the formation of ice.
MnDOT: St. Paul Homeless Encampment Site To Be Cleared By ThursdayThe onset of wintry weather is impacting the safety and well-being of dozens of people living in a St. Paul homeless encampment.
Minnesota’s Two Seasons Become One: Winter And Road ConstructionIt sure doesn't feel like road construction season, but the dirt, dump trucks and orange cones are not limited to summers here in Minnesota. Work on the four-year, $239-million 35W at 94 project will continue throughout the cold months. Even though the lakes and ponds are freezing over, workers can still pour concrete.
Sports Fans Feel Impact Of I-35W Weekend ClosureSummer is over, but sadly, road construction season is not. A “Downtown to Crosstown” closure of Interstate 35W from Highway 62 to Interstate 94 is in effect until Monday morning, and it is delaying sports fans all weekend long.