MN House Bill Capping Delivery Fees Draws Support From Restaurants, Ire From Tech CompaniesThe proposed 15% cap would expire 60-days after the peacetime emergency ends. Similar limits are already in place at a local level in the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Edina.
State House DFL Looks To Expand Opportunities To Vote; Senate GOP Pursues Voter ID RequirementThe House bill would establish automatic voter registration, allow Minnesotans on probation or parole to vote, and create a permanent absentee voting lists.
Record 51 Women Serve In Minnesota House, But Room For Improvement For Representation, Experts SayExperts say there's still a long way to go until there's equal representation across all of government.
Special Session Ends With GOP Not Voting To End Gov. Walz's Emergency PowersRepublicans say they do agree with the governor that the situation is serious, but they still don't agree with his use of the powers.
Election Results Set Stage For Further Gridlock At Minnesota CapitolWith little change in the balance of power, Democrats and Republicans are likely to continue to struggle to find common ground on major issues.
Much At Stake This Election Day For Minnesota's Split LegislatureDemocrats are looking to flip the Senate and earn the coveted trifecta: control of both chambers and the governor's office.
What's At Stake In Minnesota's Legislator Races: Balance Of PowerState legislators determine laws on issues like gun control, legalizing marijuana, COVID-19 response, how much you pay for taxes, and more. This year, all 201 members of the legislature are on the ballot.
Minnesota Lawmakers Point Fingers After Failure To Pass Bonding BillThe $1.9 billion bonding bill would have included funding for jobs and infrastructure costs around the state. That bill would've required a super-majority to pass.
State House Again Blocks Measure To Limit Walz's Ability To Declare Peacetime Emergency StateThe Minnesota House of Representatives once again rejected a measure that would have limited Gov. Tim Walz's ability to extend the peacetime state of emergency.
Police Reform Showdown Expected Between DFL-Led House, GOP-Led SenateThe Minnesota Legislature's deep divide over police reform is again at center stage.
MN House Approves Grants For Businesses Impacted By COVID-19On the first day of the special session, the Minnesota House of Representatives has approved millions of dollars in grants for small businesses.