Bill Toughening Protester Penalties Heads To DaytonIt would hit protesters with up to a year in jail and $3,000 if convicted of blocking traffic during protests.
Senate Republicans Propose $825M For Public ConstructionThe broad details of the bill released Wednesday fall largely in line with the House Republicans' own $825 million bonding bill.
Bill Toughening Penalties For Protesters Clears HouseIt passed largely on party lines and over Democratic objections that it would chill free speech.
Dayton Renews Push To Lower Health Insurance PremiumsMark Dayton wants to expand the state subsidized MinnesotaCare insurance program to working families who can't afford health care.
Parents Of CO Poisoning Victim Push For Education On Deadly GasTom and Paula Schooley hope their heartache of losing their son to carbon monoxide poisoning will help inform other families.
Dayton Calls For $138M To Address School Budget ShortfallsGovernor Mark Dayton is turning up the heat on state Minnesota lawmakers to pass emergency funding for Minnesota schools.
MNLARS Phone System Overwhelmed With Call Volumes, ComplaintsThere have been thousands of complaints about the $93 million computer upgrade for MNLARS.
Dayton Against Using Excess Vikings Stadium Funds For Veterans HomesThe Minnesota House on Thursday approved a plan to build three new Veterans homes, but it's running into opposition.
GOP Lawmakers Offer Gun Possession, Ownership BillsTwo Republican lawmakers from Minneapolis suburbs are proposing bills aimed at gun possession and ownership.
Minnesotans Could Face Hikes With New Federal Tax LawThe Minnesota House has passed a bill matching the state's tax code with new federal tax cuts.
Rep. Erin Maye Quade Hopes Gun Bill Sit-In Will Spark VoteA Minnesota lawmaker has finished a 24-hour sit-in at the State Capitol to protest lack of action on gun safety bills.
Minnesota Tax Bill Heads To House FloorA GOP-sponsored bill aligning Minnesota's tax code to sweeping federal changes will head to the House floor for a vote.
Sports Betting Bill Fails In Minnesota HouseA bill to legalize online fantasy sports betting in Minnesota unexpectedly failed in the Minnesota House on Tuesday.
Senate Passes Bill Toughening Release For Sex OffendersLawmakers are moving quickly after a recent court decision to release a sex offender who admitted he molested more than 30 children.
GOP, Dayton Battle Over Taxes As Legislative Session Nears EndRepublicans are claiming Governor Mark Dayton wants to raise taxes by more than $1 billion this year.