Minnesotan To Meet: Minneapolis' Final Four Cydni BickerstaffCydni Bickerstaff was named a "Woman to Watch" by Washington Magazine. Now she is making her mark in Minneapolis ahead of the Final Four in 2019.
Minnesotan To Meet: Barbara Jo Davis"I had the secret recipe. He had two choices: he could either kill me or marry me, and luckily he decided to marry me."
Minnesotan To Meet: Peng Cha Of HBI TextilesFor this week's Minnesotan to Meet, we take you an old dairy farm in Maplewood. Inside, they aren't milking any cows, but instead manufacturing thousands of products.
Minnesotan To Meet: Minnesota United's Kyndra de St. AubinThe newest member of the Minnesota United squad has been called one of the Loons "best signings" with experience on the national and global stage. But you won't see her on the field, instead you'll see her in the booth -- the broadcast booth.
Minnesotan To Meet: YWCA Minneapolis CEO Luz Maria FriasLuz Maria Frias is adding to her already impressive career by working as the President and CEO of YWCA Minneapolis. Her constant dedication to public service makes Luz Maria Frias a Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Contempo Physical Dance FoundersMost everyone has heard of love at first sight, but what about love at first dance?
Minnesotan To Meet: Sairey Gernes of Urban UndercoverLet's face it, we've all been there before: sometimes the clothes we put on first thing in the morning, don't always lead to instant comfort throughout the day. One St. Paul woman is trying to change that one pair at a time.
Minnesotan To Meet: Capitol Barbers' Josh KirkpatrickJosh Kirkpatrick is Capitol Barbers newest owner. It's how he's keeping this business in the family that makes him a Minnesotan to Meet.
Minnesotan To Meet: Jamice Obianyo Of EcolabJamice Obianyo of Ecolab is responsible for a big task: an education program being rolled out all over the world to make sure kids aren't just washing their hands, but understand what a precious resource clean water is.
Minnesotan To Meet: Photographer Robert EvansRobert Evans has spent nearly three decades capturing the walk down the aisle, not just for celebrities, but for everyday couples all over the country.
Minnesotan To Meet: Humans Of Minneapolis' Stephanie GlarosFor years, Stephanie Glaros has been carrying her camera everywhere. At first the images were really just for fun.
Minnesotan To Meet: Amy Casserly EllisLundstrum is the place where "Broadway meets West Broadway,” and it's also where Casserly Ellis got her first taste of musical theater.
Minnesotan To Meet: John HermansonBy day, John Hermanson's music and sound from Egg Music in Minneapolis can be heard in commercials.
Minnesotan To Meet: Mary Lauer Of Oh Baby!When her kids were young, she loved making them things: onesies, snap-backs, blankets or bedding. You name it, she tried it. Then she took her talent a step further, and Oh Baby! was born.
Minnesotan To Meet: Guthrie Theater Draper DJ GramannHe got his start working with Jim Henson's Muppets, and now